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January 29, 2019

5 Best & Cheap Vacations Everyone Should Take in Their Lifetime

“But isn’t going abroad expensive?” You probably have similar questions in your mind. Let’s debunk some myths and help you choose.

What if I told you that you can check off some places on your bucket-list without straining your pocket? Yes, that’s right. Budget trips are always possible, even in 2019 – if you know where to go. The good news is – You have come to the right place to have your trip of a lifetime – on a budget.

The title of this blog could easily also be – The best places to visit in the world. Such is the scenic beauty and many endless opportunities that these 5 places offer to visitors. You’ve probably had your phone’s wallpaper as a photograph of one of these places, at least once in your lifetime.

These are the trips to take at least once in your life, and that too, without worrying about the expenses:

 1. Naples, Italy

Naples is admittedly a poor cousin of famed nearby islands like Capri, but in recent years, it’s getting the recognition it deserves. Those that skip Naples – the 3rd largest city of Italy, are surely missing out on a lot. You don’t want to do that, do you?

Best and cheap vacation in Naples, ItalyThis city is famous for its castles, the artistic masterpieces in the form of buildings, its rich culture and heritage, and not to mention – the delicious pizza!

Naples is the birthplace of pizza. That’s enough reason to spend at least half of your vacation there devouring it. The Neapolitan pizza is made abiding by very strict criteria. Only certain varieties of tomato and mozzarella are allowed. This results in a pizza with a taste which is out of this world.
People tend to have different favourite pizzerias, but you’re welcome to explore on your own and decide for yourself.


The wealthy ancient Roman town of Pompeii witnessed destruction when Mount Vesuvius, with one of its catastrophic eruptions, covered the whole town in volcanic ash. Estimated 11,000 of its inhabitants were buried in the nearly 6-metres of grey pumice dust. The site was lost for centuries and rediscovered in 1599. Almost 150 years later, it was excavated.
Now, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Pompeii draws millions of visitors each year.

The Castles

Being one of the oldest cities in Italy, Naples is home to a rich heritage and culture. Castel Nuovo and its marble arch, Castel dell’Ovo are famous and one of the tourist-favourites.

Besides these, there are a lot of things to do while you’re there. You can see the oldest working opera house and the beautiful churches which are around 500 in number, taste possibly the best coffee of your life or discover the local Italian produce.
Adding to this, Naples is cheap compared to the UK and US, and even other cities in Italy. All this will definitely make it a trip of a lifetime. With all these trips to take, put this on number one.

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 2.  Bali, Indonesia

Bali, often referred to as the Land of the Gods is one of the best places to visit in the world, and when you can do that on a budget, it’s like a dream come true for most. Travelling to Bali is like a pilgrimage for a traveller.

Best and Cheap vacation in Bali, Indonesia
One thing common to all the visitors is that they all call this – a trip of a lifetime. With a surrounding view you can never get tired of, and all the exciting opportunities to explore and experience the magic of Bali, this is definitely a trip to take.

Here are some of the things it is famous for.


Bali’s stunning beaches are the one-big-reason to visit the Land of the Gods. With each beach having an aura and charm of its own, they never fail to captivate you. Some of the most dazzling beaches include Jimbaran Bay and Nusa Dua. You’ll never get tired of the view! The experience here is world-class.


The Land of the Gods is home to around 10,000 exquisite temples, including the Pura Empul and the Uluwatu Sea Temple. So, there are plenty of opportunities to feed your spiritual side.

Epic Cultural Scene

The island has a host of diverse cultures and traditions that are practised to this day. Many ceremonies and celebrations like the Omed-Omedan kissing festival are organised there by the kind Balinese people.

The People

The Balinese are famous for their hospitality and friendly nature. They’re known to be the friendliest people in the world. Often found with a smile on their faces, they are always ready to lend a helping hand and even show you around. You can make a lot of friends here and get involved in the local scene. This way, you can explore Bali in its full essence.

Furthermore, the island offers endless choices of local or global cuisine. An avid nightlife is sure to entertain you the fullest, with great opportunities for clubbing.
The cost for one night’s stay is $50 at an average, and the food is decently cheap too. Everything kept in mind, this is the trip to take!

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3. Zanzibar, Tanzania

The name might leave a hint of an expensive getaway, but it’s more budget-friendly than you realize, and of course – utterly beautiful.

Best and Cheap vacation in Zanzibar, TanzaniaZanzibar is a whole group of islands, with Ungoja and Pemba being the large ones, besides other small islands. Let’s look at some of the highlights of the place.


Zanzibar features miles of sandy pristine beaches. All of them are clean and breath-takingly beautiful. The water is somehow of perfect temperature and looks amazing. The experience is sure to tickle your senses. So, beach-people, this is your trip to take. Besides beaches, Zanzibar is home to vast coral reefs and a relaxed or better yet, soothing sea-side atmosphere.

Cultural Mix

Zanzibar is home to a diverse population. Africans, Arab, Indians, Persians and Europeans are part of the history of this place. Moreover, it is a mix of friendly, fun-loving, adventurous, kind and loving people who are full of life. You’ll have the opportunity to make a lot of new friends here.

Super Romantic

It is a romantic destination in its very essence. You’ll have the opportunity to spend quality time privately with your sweetheart. Be it a marriage, a honeymoon, or renewing your vows, Zanzibar is an amazing place for it.
Great Weather and Climate

With ideal holiday weather throughout the year, you can visit the island and go out any time you want! The islands are generally warm and experience an average of 7-hour sunshine daily.

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4. Saint Martin

The half French (Saint Martin) and half Dutch (Sint Marteen) was destroyed by Hurricane Irma in 2017. But now, it’s making a come-back, and that too, in great fashion! The island’s electricity has mostly been restored, and various kinds of businesses like bars and hotels have opened their doors again.

Best and Cheap vacation in Saint MartinTo welcome tourists again, both the returners and new ones, many hotels and Airbnb properties have discounted rates. Combined with fewer crowds, and the ever-beautiful beaches and architecture, it’s a win-win situation for visitors. After all, your money will be spent on people who really need your help. Here is a list of things that can make this the trip of a lifetime.

Islands and Beaches

This tropical paradise is home to a host of beautiful and picturesque beaches and continues to be one of the most tourist-favourite destinations in the Caribbean. With over 70km long coastline, Saint Martin offers some of the world’s best seascapes. The 37 beaches offer a variety of activities like diving, surfing, windsurfing, or heck, even basking in the sun. Some of the best beaches include Long Bay, Red Bay and Nettle Bay.

Best Nightlife

With dozens of casinos and active nightclubs, Saint Martin offers a lively nightlife. You can party in both indoor and open-air clubs with the unforgettable Caribbean music in the background. There are also a number of bars and pubs to indulge in.


The island of Saint Martin is duty-free. Thus, you can find great items at the best prices, including clothes, jewellery, electronics and food. You can also explore and buy popular local items.


With dual heritage and a double name – Saint Martin / Sint Marteen, it’s not hard to guess that you’ll find a rich culture and tradition to experience there.

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5. Santa Fe, New Mexico

In contrast to the sandy beaches and blue seas, Santa Fe is a situated at the feet of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains at a height of around 7000-feet. Its charm, history and setting make for a trip of a lifetime.

Best & Cheap vacation in Santa Fe, New MexicoHere are some of the things that make Santa Fe a trip to take.

Arts and Culture

This place has a creative and artistic edge to it. It acted as a hotspot for artists and writers in the early 1900s. Today, Santa Fe is recognized as a UNESCO Creative City. As of now, it’s become America’s 3rd-largest art market.


Besides being an artist’s paradise, Santa Fe is also a foodie’s paradise. You’ll be able to have a taste of a variety of cuisines, ranging from Native American and Mexican to New World cuisine. Make sure you try the Blue Corn Café and Brewery, and the Iconik Coffee while you’re at it.

Heritage Buildings

With the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, and the Loretto Chapel as examples, there are many sites to visit and architectural marvels to witness in Santa Fe.

The Relaxed Style

Here, at the very least, you won’t have to bother braving the crowds amongst a population of just 70,000 people, unlike America’s big cities. You’ll be able to walk freely and let your surroundings sink in peacefully.

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This was one hell of a list! Yeah, you can trust me on that.
Any of these 5 locations make for a trip of a lifetime at any day, any time of the year. Now, next time when you plan your next budget-friendly vacation, you won’t have to think a lot. These are the trips to take without spending a lot of money. Each of these 5 places is unique and amazing in their own way. All of them can help you have the trip of a lifetime.

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