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January 18, 2019

5 Simple & Easy Tips For Disney World Vacation On a Budget

Disney world is a huge trip and is totally worth the visit. All of us have grown up watching Disney. I love Disney, we all love Disney. Disney world is a beautiful place for a perfect family vacation but is really expensive.

A Walt Disney World getaway does not have to be expensive as there are ways in which you can limit your budget. All you need is a presence of mind and certain tricks. Following are some tips on how you can make your trip to the Disney world in a very cheap way.

1. WHEN TO GO (On-Season VS Off-Season)

As you all are aware, every vacation spot has an on-season and off-season time span. On season is when there is a rush of people, especially during summer or winter vacations. Off season is when not much people visit the place. Always do remember that the price will be affected and it highly depends on when you decide to go.

Calendar helps you to decide that when to go

So, the first thing you are going to decide when you are planning for a trip to the Disney world, is that, when you would want to go. Since, you have to maintain a budget, you would definitely want to go at a time when your trip is going to be cheap.

Hence, I would recommend you to go during the off season. The off seasons include – January, February, the start of March, the end of April, the start of May, the end of August, September, the start of November, and the beginning of December. You can be assured that the hotel prices and the gas prices will be lower during these months as well.

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2. HOTELS (Economical Vs Luxurious)

Hotel packages are going to have an impact on your budget. The Disney World resort hotels are there but it is wiser if you choose the neighbouring hotels which are quite comfortable, have high ratings and are pretty much affordable. These hotels are close to the park itself so you could walk to the park and save up on your transportation budget as well.

Find Best Price Hotel on a Budget

You will be spared from your shuttle expenses and parking fees. There are a handful of hotels that have the facility of free Disneyland shuttles. Suppose you are on this trip with a group of more than four people. Then it will be cheap and very convenient for you to book the family sized rooms having extra space and extra bed.

All you have to do is the just search for hotels having rooms that will accommodate a larger group. Watch out for all the extra fees that your hotel might charge you. Be very careful with it and make sure that you know what all is included and what is not before you book your hotel.

3. TRANSPORTATION (Normal Vs Fast)

Transportation is bound to vary for all of us. The option that is going to be cheap and budget friendly for my family, might not be the best option for your family. It depends on where you are travelling from, the number of members in your family and various other things.

Transportation one of the most valuable fact in vacationSo, before you take a trip to the Disney world, do the math and research according to your options. It is way wiser to drive to Disney World instead of flying. In spite of the extra gas, food and hotel it is definitely going to cost you less if you choose to drive all the way.

I would recommend you to use a shuttle from your hotel because it is going to cost you less. You will not have to pay for the parking fees at the Disney world. Skip the car rental option unless it is very necessary. It is a tradition to book a shuttle on your way to your hotel from the airport, but times are changing. So, to reduce your expenses, you can always book an Uber or lift.

4. TICKETS (Direct Vs Advance Booking)

Honestly, you will not find huge discounts on your tickets but you can make your trip cheap and budget-friendly only if you know where to look. You can save some money and time in the long queue if you buy your tickets before the trip. The price of the Disney World goes up every year.

But, the good news is that you can buy your tickets up to a year or more in advance to beat the increase in prices. February is the month when the increases are announced. So, December or January can be the best of times for you to take your family on this fun trip.

Buy all the tickets early where you want to go

Watch out for the sales. Certain websites give regular sales. Adults at kids’ prices or fifth day free sales are some of the sales that take place a few times every year. There are other package deals as well such as free hotel nights and others.

I would suggest you skip the Park Hopper option in order to maintain your budget. Disney World and California Adventure are just steps away from one another but they are not necessary and can be a huge save for your family. You can easily spend one or two days in each park and yet end up having a really cheap trip.

Try and save other theme parks for another time. I know it is difficult but, try and resist the temptation of combining Universal Studios Hollywood, or Legoland California or Sea World with you Disney world trip. Another golden tip for you to maintain your budget is to take your children when they are under the age of three. In this way, they are allowed to enter free of cost. Children over the age of five will have to pay adult ticket prices.

5. FOOD (Delicious Vs Complimentary)

You can really save a lot and be right on your budget if you have control over this particular category. Look for hotels that avail the facility of complimentary breakfast. These type of hotels are easy to find and are plenty in number. Have a heavy breakfast or brunch so that you can easily opt for a cheap lunch later on. You can also look for hotels having an in-room refrigerator where you can store your own food.

Guess what? Disney world allows you to bring food and drinks in the stroller. So, use this opportunity and pack yourself some sandwiches or burgers to save money. You can also get a cup of ice water at any counter service restaurant, with or without a meal, for free absolutely. There are grocery delivery and grocery stores available at the Disney world itself.

Find the best quality food with cheap rates
Go for the kids’ meal. You can order the kids’ meal for you as well as for the kids. It is available at the counter service restaurants. These are small, cheap and quite filling. Kids’ meal generally includes vegetable and fresh fruit choices. Set your food budget in advance of your trip. Allot a snack budget to each member of your family at the start of your trip to the Disney world and allow them to decide how to use it. In this way, you will not waste money and also be able to keep a track on your budget. Share your snack in order to avoid getting too full or buying multiples of everything.

You will not require your park tickets if you wish to enjoy your character meals as most of Disney world’s character meals are located in its hotel itself. You can enjoy a fun and exciting breakfast buffet with your favourite Disney characters and make the most out of your time. Later on, you can spend the rest of your day in Downtown Disney.

 Five Tips to Save Money


Watch the weather forecast before you make your trip to the Disney world. Carry your rain poncho for the rainy season or your jackets and coats for the cold weather. Be prepared and carry sufficient warm clothes so that you do not have to buy extra and waste money. You can carry your own strollers if you have kids going with you. Renting park strollers is not cheap and might be extra for your budget.

Pro Tip

Now if you are going to Disney world, you will not want to miss out on the Disney gears and goodies, right? I would suggest you buy them from outside the park where it is going to cost you a little less. You can buy Disney t-shirts, star wars costumes, princess dresses, autograph books and pens, glow in the dark toys for fireworks and parades, keychains, magnets and several other items.

Give your kids a small budget that they can use to spend on a souvenir or toy. You might get discounted souvenirs inside the Disney world as well, but that is not always. You can buy the souvenirs prior to your trip. Souvenirs are available at Amazon or eBay and are found really cheap there. I would suggest you to not skip on the souvenir part, though they come last in our list, as souvenirs are those that are going to stay with us forever. You can take home a part of the Disney world with yourself and keep it as a memento.


Disney world is a magical place and one of the most popular family getaways in the world. It is going to be a magical and thrilling experience for you and your kids. I am sure a trip to the Disney world is there on your bucket list.

So, what are you waiting for? Start ticking things off your bucket list and do not worry about your budget. The above points are enough for you to have a clear idea on the several ways you can make your trip cheap.


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