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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

October 28, 2015 by ParadiseTerra

 1. What is ParadiseTerra?

ParadiseTerra is a website where travellers looking for vacation rentals meet and connect with homeowners advertising their properties to make travel arrangements.

ParadiseTerra offers secure inquiries about booking procedures, where travellers book directly with homeowners. Travellers can visit and search listings among the numerous properties listed. Search results are presented depending on the budget range, destination and dates of travel.

Homeowners can promote their property with the certainty that they are advertising at a top site that generates the best return on their investment.

 2. Is ParadiseTerra a free service?

ParadiseTerra is a FREE service for travellers. There are no booking or finder’s fees for any inquiry or reservation made.

For homeowners, ParadiseTerra is a membership-based (link to products and pricing page here) for homeowners who wish to advertise their home as a vacation rental business.

 3. What is a vacation rental?

A vacation rental is any property that can be offered for rent for a determined amount of time and under contract by the homeowner and traveller, for the purpose of vacation accommodation.

Such property can fall under any of the following descriptions: house, apartment, condo, villa, cabin, cottage, guesthouse, chateau, castle, estate, or mansion.

 4. What is the process for booking a vacation rental home?

When a traveller finds a property they are interested in, they contact the homeowner directly through the contact information provided on the listing.

The booking process is similar to a hotel booking; with payment arrangements made directly to the homeowner by the traveller, and a contract agreement signed by both parties to ensure the transaction.

 5. What types of properties can I find on ParadiseTerra?

At ParadiseTerra there is a property rental for every budget and travel preference.

From luxury vacation rentals to city apartments and beach bungalows, find them all here.

We offer property listings ranging between $500 a week to $10,000 a week, although homeowners at their discretion set all rental rates, and also offer season vacation rental rates.

 6. Who rents vacation homes?

Travellers who visit ParadiseTerra are the ideal travel guests and clients.

They are financially stable, technologically proficient, non- traditional travel experts, who are savvy at identifying vacation deals. Our users are very likely to share their experiences with friends and family. They like to share their recommendations to fellow travellers on the ParadiseTerra feedback section.