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January 15, 2019

Don’t Visit Cape Town Until You’ve Understood These 10 Things

Every place or thing has something unique which attracts visitors. No doubt Cape Town is a very beautiful place but the way its beauty fades away with the day is the thing that has to be kept in mind without fail.

 1. Trust the Decision You Make About Visiting the Place

South Africa takes a pretty bad shape after 7:00 p.m. The criminal records it has is highest in the world and Cape Town adds to some of those.

I would not say ‘you should not go there’, although safety comes first but don’t let this thing make the choice negatively. Don’t make the choice of not visiting the place, every place has its own drawbacks and still shine bright and the truth is that other places you as a visitor would most probably visit has almost no crimes and the mother city does not only have murders as crimes. Yes, violence is present but don’t let that keep you from visiting the beautiful mother city.

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 2. Travel through Train

People will make a decision for you, will tell you not to travel through trains, but if this happens you will keep yourself from the biggest secrets of South Africa, The passenger train, Shosholoza Meyl, is one the secrets that even locals would not be aware of.

This train connects Cape Town and Johannesburg. Meyl even connects Joburg with other different cities and towns. This is the city where flights are not the option to rely on. In fact, I would say that train travelling is better than air.

Through trains get to see natural beauty and explore the same but your own eyes and also obviously will be in your budget, don’t you think killing two birds with one stone is better.  If you are thinking, whether it would be safe to travel via train. Then don’t even mention it, because the reviews about this train are positive.

3. Don’t Wear Expensive Things

As already stated South Africa is not very good with politeness. Hence, to not indulge in any crimes, do not wear jewels and any type of expensive things on your body, and hiring a very expensive car for exploring the city would only act negatively to the situation.

If it is a religious accessory, try to hide it, do not make it visible. Don’t talk on your cell phones for long, or I would suggest just don’t talk on cell phones at all, keep your cash in pockets or at the safe places where cash will not be plotted by any eye. Never walk on desolate roads, always try to stick to busy places.

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4. Choose Uber Instead Of Local Taxi

It is totally under stable that you at one point would not be able to resist taxi because of the tiring day and uncomfortable shoes, hence I would recommend you to get Uber and wear very comfortable shoes.

Trusting local township taxi men can be a bad choice and might end up disastrously because these drivers, in the end, cannot be trusted as it is unsafe and some people suggest to not tale taxi men for the ride as an option either.
Precaution is better than cure!

5. Water is Treated As a Serious Matter

Cape Town sometimes suffers from severe drought, hence be sure to not to waste it. Showers are allowed for not more than 1.5 minutes and only once per day is the rule to be followed.

Re-use your clothes as much as possible until you have an allergy. Water-saving tips should be followed properly and consistently to be on the good side of locals and for basic ethics. Tap water is drinkable and does not cause any harmful diseases.

6. Every Person Has Different Opinion and Hence For Nelson Mandela

You have different opinion on a specific person as compared to your friend. And this is what applies for Nelson Mandela as well. People either think him as a hero or a terrorist or maybe both sometimes. Talking anything about the political issue would not be beneficial and applies for him too.

This was a political issue as he was arrested and began 27- year imprisonment. Hence, talking about this would only cause problems as some might be on your side and others will not be in your favour.  Make choice sagaciously, talking nothing about this will only serve good and the opposite will have a bad memory!

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7. Don’t mistake Cape Town as the Southernmost part of South Africa

Cape Town is always confused with the southernmost part of South Africa, however, this is not true. The tip of South Africa is actually Cape Agulhas, place where Atlantic and the Indian Ocean meet. Cape Town is almost two and a half hour away from the very tip.

8. Encourage Children to Go NGOs Rather Than Begging

Giving charity to beggars will be treated as degrading NGOs there. Even if you see children begging, encourage them to go to NGOs as there they will have cared, some parents force their child to do so and with the money they get, they drug their children to avoid getting them food for a day or two. Hence, giving money to children should be avoided.\

9. Coloured is Celebrated With Dignity

In Cape Town there is no such thing as race, colour is the term used to state mix-race. They celebrate ‘coloured’ in different colours and dignity. Therefore, don’t forget it!

10. Never Get into a Debate With Joburgers in Cape Town vs. Jozi

Trust me this is the last thing you would want to do.

According to Quora Answers

In my opinion, the perceived safety issues in Cape Town are vastly overstated for the average traveller. It is no more dangerous than most European or American cities.
Richard Marshal Lives in Cape Town
Very safe for the person with common sense and a fair dose of street smarts, but not so much for those who don't have these attributes.
Toby Webb Lives in Cape Town

Hope it Helps!

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