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January 23, 2019

IMPORTANCE: Here’s What No One Tells You About the Travelling

Travelling is not a word it is an emotion. We would all love to travel around the world and explore some new places. Here are some few reasons why travelling is fun, exciting and also important for all of us.

 1.  Travelling is The Best Way You Can Learn and Grow

The world is vast and so is knowledge. As you all know, knowledge cannot be confined to the pages of our textbooks. Hoping around the world is the best form of gaining knowledge.

Travelling to a particular country enlightens you on the culture, costume, food and people of that region. You get to meet and greet different types of people. Travelling is known to be the best teacher for sociology, history, geography, economy and politics. Thus, you can count travelling to be a fun and effective source of education.

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 2.  Time For a Break

All of us have to work so hard every day. Irrespective of you being in your twenty(s) or fifty(s), you all require a break from your daily routine. Office, school, tuitions, household chores are all so tiring and exhausting.

No matter how enjoyable your work is or how important it is, you will eventually notice a decrease in your working productivity, if you are working non-stop.

So, take a deep breath and step out of your daily routine. It is time for you to refresh and recharge your mind, body and soul.

3.  Nothing is Impossible

Now you might be thinking that it is not easy for you to take out some time from your tight and busy schedule and have fun. Trust me, it is. All you have got to do is to have the heart and will to go out on a vacation.

Coming to you budget-conscious folks. With the constant rise of flexible accommodations, cheap fares, low-maintenance airlines you can easily make your dream trip come into a reality.

4. Push Yourself

You can push your limits travelling someplace far and new. Visiting somewhere foreign will enhance your social skills. It is surely going to be adventurous in figuring out a foreign city’s public transportation mediums and systems, exploring the city’s best of the bests and doing things that you have never imagined, in your wildest dreams, you could do.

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5. Stress Buster

What can be a better stress buster than planning a trip and having the time of your lives with your friends or family or even all by yourself in a completely new surrounding?

In 2012, a survey was conducted by Expedia which resulted in the discovery of the fact that eighty-nine vacation goers found out that they could get rid of stress and relax after at most two days of their trip.

A study taken place in 2009 at the University of Kansas revealed that activities like travelling can be of great help by improving psychological functioning and lowering depression levels. Now, these are enough convincing facts for you to go on a trip if you are willing to escape your workload and get relief of your stress.

6. Good For Your Health

Despite being fun, adventurous and exciting travelling also improves your physical activities and is good for your heart. Climbing a mountain, relaxing by the sea, walking the foreign streets of a city or even rushing to the station or airport involves a lot of movement that in turn helps in the decrease of blood pressure and also lowers the chances of stroke and heart diseases.

It is a known and proven fact that women who go for a vacation after every six years or even less are eight times more likely to have a heart attack or inculcate a heart disease when compared to women who travel at least twice a year.

7. Meet and Greet

Travelling enables you to meet and know people around the world. You will get to know about the various lifestyles people lead and you will be amazed to know about their culture, the language they speak, their way of living and so many things. It is ought to be as interesting as it sounds and is sure to refresh your perception.

8. New Skills

From packing and unpacking your luggage to staying within your budget. From learning and experiencing new things to taking care of yourself in a foreign land. From planning your trip to carrying it out accordingly, you will be surprised to see how you develop all these skills.

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9. Gain Your Inner Confidence

Now, travelling might be scary. It is okay for you to be afraid when you arrive in a completely new country on your own but trust me, you will soon figure it out all by yourself.

You will adapt to the new surrounding eventually and will learn to cope up with the new people fairly quickly. You will be proud of yourself when you return home and think about all the new things you had done on your trip.

10. Peace of Mind

We all need to have our own peace of mind. We all wish to escape from your daily routine to a world where we can rest and be on our own. Our free mind wants us to explore more and more and do things that we have never done before.

Taking a vacation is the best way to refresh yourself and your mind. You will be out of your comfort zone and you will have to develop skills that you had thought never existed in you. Your hidden talents are sure to come out.


It is high time you plan a vacation and spend some quality time in some foreign land. Start packing your things up and get ready to explore new places. Say bye-bye to your daily routine and say hello to your new surroundings.


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