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January 10, 2019

Best Places to Buy Vacation Rental in 2019

Vacation rental industries are growing rapidly with the change in time. Competition in this industry is massive and in order to survive this environment with competitors, you have to be at the peak. Let’s see where you can invest for the upcoming year 2019, for your vacation rental property.

1. Panama City Beach, Florida

This place is at the 1st place because of the following listed reasons:

  • Always demand increases for private accommodations, as visitors in this place are increasing day by day.
  • Appreciation in properties makes it eye-catching for investors.
  • According to data, these accommodations can bring an average of:

      $2,575= per month              $30,911= per year

2. Napa, California

  • Rolling hills, picturesque estates, and award-winning vineyards make the place so attractive for visitors that they want to invest and visit this place.
  • This place offers a taste of the local experience of this area.
  • According to statistics, it can give an average output of:

     $3,375 per month                  $40,501 per year

3. Palm Springs, California

  • Famous architecture, year-round tourism, and events make this place so special that people want this place be their next vacation spot.
  • According to data, it can give an average of:

     $3,088 per month                  $37,065 per year

4. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

  • It is a top family vacation destination.
  • Our data says it can make your average of:

      $2,230 per month                   $26,767 per year

5. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

  • Every year, the population in Massachusetts more than doubles itself because visitors there always increases as they want to have the experience of beach cottages and historic homes. This makes investors invest in vacation rental properties there.
  • As per the data, investing in this place can provide the average of:

      $1,991 per month                  $23,900 per year

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6. Kissimmee, Florida

  • Disney World, LEGOLAND, and Universal Studios make the place so joyous and thrilling that people want to the have accommodations in that place, making the demand higher and higher with the time.
  • As proven by the data, accommodations in this area can fill you up with average of:

      $1,940 per month                  $28,887 per year

7. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

  • Miles of beach, predictable tourism, a large inventory of Oceanside condos, and low real estate costs, makes it easy for investors to invest in and make a huge amount of revenue with it.
  •  This place is at the 7th position in the world when seen as tourism, being in demand for rental possessions in the year 2017 and 2018, making its own place in this world it has proven how beneficial it can be for investors while the same for visitors.
  •  When calculated, it gives an average of:

       $1,536 per month                    $18,438 per year

8. Savannah, Georgia

  • Art and history of this city make visitors with Spanish Moss-draped trees and European architecture in the historic districts. It’s not over, there’s more to it, even Tybee island makes it hottest.
  • When invested in it, 2-bedrooms can provide you with an average of:

       $2,591 per month                  $39,796 per year

9. Corpus Christi, Texas

  • Its deep inventory of affordable waterfront property makes it a place of potential visitors to invest in rental properties.
  •  As per the data collected, by providing 3-bedrooms you can fill yourself up with on an average of:

     $2,355 per month                  $28,268 per year

10. Killington, Vermont

  • You might have never heard of this place but mind you the investors there are earning a handsome amount of money by providing rental accommodations.
  • Missing on this place would not be a good deed done in order to compete with your competitors. Hence this place should be on your radar.
  • It will provide you with an average of:

       $3,178 per month                    $38,172 per year


Before investing in these places, or any other, you should go through the following points as this does affect your investing criterion.

Curb appeal, competition, availability, marketing, and management are those aspects which are to be kept in mind before investing: you forget the value of these, they forget the value of you. So, better done in present in order to save your present, I must say.

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