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February 1, 2019

5 Common Travelling Mistakes You Are Making

Travelling to another country, whether for the first time or not, can be very frustrating if you do not plan according to the destination. Nobody is perfect at everything, we often face circumstances and situations in which we learn something new, but sometimes these common travel mistake can cost you a lot of money and efforts. You do learn from them but it’s better to avoid these travel frustrations. Here are some common travel mistakes we all can face but we should try and avoid them.

1. Too Much Packing and Right Packing

The first mistake we make is “OVER PACKING THINGS”. Don’t do it. Plan up your things and pick only necessary outfits.  And if it’s a long trip then give’em up for laundry. There is laundry available at different rates in foreign countries.

OverpackingDo remember to check up the weather and plan your clothes accordingly. Only pack things you actually need. Don’t do the mistake to pile up your clothes. Extra weight will slow you down and it will cause the difficulty of carrying things from one place to another. Relax, breathe and plan! Planning is important.

a) Always look for the right shoes. Don’t pack high heels, avoid them. If you are to go on a hike, get comfy hiking shoes, get boots for cold weather. Bad shoes can ruin your trip.

b) Always see what kind of chargers ports are used in the country you are visiting. It’s best to keep a multi-charger. And always keep your power bank charged up. Running out of phone battery in the middle of nowhere is not a good idea.

c) If you are staying in a hostel or similar you can always ask for a power bank at the front desk. Another tourist also tends to sometimes leave their things behind, so there is always a chance you can get one extra at the front desk.

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2. Over Planning and Extra Scheduling vs. Right Planning

Over planning is one of those things which can cause you the most epic travel frustrations ever! We all have this habit of over imagining things because of it this the dream place you are visiting and you never know when you might get the chance to visit it again.

Over SchedulingYou wish and imagine yourself over there, so when you get there you hype things up in order to see each and everything. You rush everything but it happens that you are not able to go according to it, this is where you get yourself some travel frustrations because it didn’t go according to you. This is the most common travel mistake everybody makes. Relax and work according to the time and enjoy whatever you get to see!

The most important need nowadays in your data plan! That’s pretty obvious we need internet where ever we are. Check and get your data plan on roaming or get a good ISD plan for your trip. You don’t wanna leave others un-updated about your trip, don’t you? You also have options for wifi. But do check your wifi is properly working or not, you don’t wanna get ditched either.

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3. Drinking Out on Budget

Don’t spend too much on night outs and drinking. We know those foreign cities have awesome nightlife but still spending too much on drinks and nightclubs and expensive restaurants can leave you hanging dry out of money.

Too Much DrinkingEither way running out of money in a foreign land is a bad idea. And this also one common travel mistake people make in over -excitement. Planning your night outs and take money according to it.

Also eating on tourist restaurants can cost you more, so it’s better to choose local restaurants over tourist one. Local restaurants can more fascinating and reasonable. Always remember not to choose any shopping or food locality near the tourist spot. It’s always expensive.

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 4. Flight Scheduling

Whenever you are booking any flight especially international connecting flights, always mind the time gap you keep in between of at least 2-3 hrs as customs take real long time. Sometimes you might face double security check for customs.  People often miss their flights due to the customs and the short layover a gap in between the flights.

Flight SchedulingAlways mind the time gap. It’s really important! Maintaining the gap between the flight is another common travel mistake. And most the airports in the foreign country are silent, they won’t make announcements for your flight or delay, you need to keep track of the things on your own.

And most importantly, never ever keep your passport away from you, your passport is your only identity in the land you need to keep it with you carefully, where ever you go!

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5. Use ATM’s Over Money Exchange

Use ATM’s over money exchange and money matters always inform your bank before leaving for a foreign tour. Get yourself an international debit card and inform your bank regarding the same or credit is always use full. But if you are using the credit card always mind the credit limit your card has, you can’t go around Europe with the 50k credit limit.

Another main thing, it’s always better to carry as much less cash in your hand as possible. You cannot trip around freely with tons of bills in your hand. They have ATM’s all over the place, you can always prefer to withdraw money rather than exchanging them at the airport or any currency exchange.

use atm over cashAlways carry small changes with you. There are not many places where you can get big bills. Keep change ready with you. It’s more handy and convenient. Get as many small bills as possible for your own comfort.

And the biggest lesson of them all, “NEVER KEEP ALL YOUR MONEY IN ONE PLACE” I repeat, “NEVER”!!
Divide all your money into 4-5 parts and keep them all in different places. So that if you misplace one you always have some money on you. Hide them cleverly, it will always help in avoiding getting pickpocketed !!
Plan your budget accordingly the itinerary of your trip.

And at last get yourself travel insurance!! However confident you are for your trip never forget insurance, it will help a lot in time for an emergency. travel and life insurance are the two things you should always get where ever you travel, be it International or domestic.

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All these above mentioned 5 common travel mistakes always every traveller makes. We should learn from them! Not only while travelling alone but with anybody, we should keep these basic things in mind so that there is the least amount of travel frustration caused on your trip you planned. Have and keep a cool and steady mind while travelling. Nobody is perfect, no matter how many times you travel you always learn and gain from new challenges and experience.

It is necessary to keep at least these 5 things in mind while travelling these are common travel mistakes people make, avoid them and you will avoid the travel frustration and you will be able to travel and enjoy with a cool, happy and cheerful mind. Take care of yourselves, travel and be cheerful and make memories and learn from whatever you see around you!

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