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January 7, 2019

Top 7 Ultimate Tips For First Time Traveller

Are you about to travel for the first time? I know how it feels. You are both excited and nervous and nervous at the same time. Don’t worry! The following are some tips and tricks put to together which will help you get the most out of your trip.

 1. Planning

When you are about to set foot in a new country, you have got to do a lot of research on that. Planning is the most important job for you. Firstly, determine your budget and the number of days of your stay. Then, you can decide on the main things that you would want to do once you reach your destination.

Sort everything from beforehand to avoid panicking and regret. Planning can be a headache for you, but it is enjoyable at the same it. It is sure to build up your excitement and take your excitement in a different level.

2. Packing

Packing and unpacking are two huge responsibilities that you have to be clear with. Packing involves a lot of time, confusion and might get messy.

So, it is important for you to sort everything from beforehand and be very clear with what you need to carry and what you need not. People tend to pack too much, but always remember that you will be buying things from where you are about to travel.

Packing tips for travellersSo, it is necessary that you keep space for those things beforehand or else, you might have to pay extra in case your luggage amounts more than the luggage amount assigned per head.

Try to avoid taking items that are most likely to be provided by the hotels like, towel, soaps, shampoo, hangers, hairdryer. Do not take more than two pairs of shoes. A huge first aid kit is really not necessary, only a few necessities will do. Now, hurry and start making a list for the items that you really need to carry.

3. Travel Agencies

In today’s time, travelling has been made easier by several travel agencies who are willing to help you and guide you whenever you want them to. Taking the help of travel agencies to book your flight tickets and maybe an accommodation package for you is fine.

travel agency tripBut, it is advisable if you plan your sight-seeing on your own. Trust me, you are going to save a lot of money this way but then again it is your choice. Giving your entire trip’s responsibility on the shoulders of a travelling agency will surely relieve you from a headache and sounds also safe, but then again it does not mean that you have to use them for everything.

4. Trying to See too Much

Now, you have your long overseas trips where you would want to see things like eight countries in fourteen days. People generally do that.

They have this ideology that since they are travelling overseas they want to visit as many places as they physically can. But, believe me, it turns out to be such a hectic journey where you are neither able to visit and admire one country with your heart and nor are you able to relax. What is the point of travelling if you are not able to refresh your mind?

Try to see to muchAt the end of the journey, you are all exhausted and sad and full of regret as you might have missed out some place of interest in all this rush. Try and avoid this mistake. Instead of hurrying everything, slow down.

Visit two or at most three countries at a time so that you are able to grasp their beauty and as well as relax yourself. This will keep the urge in you to travel again. And, once you start to travel you would want to go on trips at least twice a year.

5. Do Not Underestimate The Cost

You need to save a lump sum amount before you are about to set on your trip. You have to keep in mind that your budget is going to expand. No matter how much you have planned regarding your budget, you will spend twice as much money as you had planned.

money saving travel tipEverything is going to cost more thank you think it will. From the flight advertisements that you saw said “$400 return” to your shopping and the beers that you will buy and the cuisine that you will have, everything is going to be more expensive. So, do not waste your time and start saving up your money.

6. Invest in Memories

We keep all the love and memories in our photographs, right? I think you know what I am hinting at. If you want your travel memories to be clear and stay with you forever, it is very important for you to invest your money in a good camera.

Invest in your memoriesWe all have our iPhones and iPads and Androids with great megapixels, but just don’t belong to the herd. There is a different joy and happiness when you are travelling with your camera around your neck, waiting to capture the beautiful scenario and the perfect shots.

You are bound to feel different. And later on, when you have a look at all those photographs, you will feel as if you are reliving those days.

7. When at Your Destination

Now, that you have reached your destination, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind and take care of. You are a guest in this new country and hence, you have to respect all local customs and their culture. Please do not judge things or customs that you see are different from the ones way back home. Instead of that, think about how new and interesting they are.

Destination travel tipYou can also learn a few phrases from your respective destination’s language. Be very aware of your surroundings and always be conscious of where your valuables are. Try their local cuisine and I am sure it is going to be a great experience for you.


So, what are you waiting for? It is time for you to have a look around the world. Pack your bag and get all set for your new adventure. You are going to love it. Have a happy and safe journey.

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