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June 25, 2019

Most Dangerous Travel Destinations for Travel in 2020

Haven’t planned for a vacation yet? New Year comes with the new resolution and for travellers like us, it comes with a new idea and new places to visit. Haven’t decided a place yet? What are you waiting for? Exploring the beauty of this world for us actually never stops. Being adventurous is not a part-time duty it’s a living for those who seek for it.

Every traveller in this world seeks adventure and goes for something new, different, exciting but at the same time, everyone seeks for their safety and security as well. Being a traveller myself I go for places which are exciting as well inspiring for me and also for my readers out there.

Now while planning to visit a place it’s very important to know everything about the place. Just before we plan to go for a place we see out status economically whether we can afford or not in the very same way the next thing which we should see is that whether the place is safe to visit or not. Every place or anywhere in this world we go we cannot be hundred per cent sure about being all okay there is risk everywhere but the possibility of those risk is sudden or unexpected is what to be seen and understood.

Here I came up with the list of places one should avoid travelling because of high risk and safety issues. So the places are as follows and why not to visit those places:


Being a historical place and a beautiful destination for travelling it’s really painful to say that this place is one of the most dangerous places as of now. It is not safe anymore.

SyriaIt’s not hidden to the world what is happening in Syria how people there are surviving. Every second day they go through a rush of life, they don’t even know whether they will live or they’ll die.

And all this started because of the civil war which broke in 2011. The things got worse in 2018, now things are under control out there people are okay and they are living but even if you plan to reach out to them and want to travel to Syria be careful with the places you visit.

It is under strict vigilance and proper care. Things will take time to settle down but now visa is given within a week.

The places which you can walk freely in Syria is Allepo and Bosra, these two places are not that affected and are still fine to visit. Other than this political issue it’s a wonderful and beautiful place to visit and have a tour.


Mali is one of the most popular destinations to travel in West Africa. It has a lot to see and it is popular because of its landscape and historical places.

maliBut now according to me, it’s no more a safe place to go and travel because the militants took over Mali.

The place is threatened by terrorists. There is a high risk of the terrorist attack in there.

The risk of kidnapping is also very high in Mali and it has become one of the most unsafe places to travel now.

So it’s safe and better to avoid that place for travelling.


When talking about dangerous place Egypt also comes in the list. It is also threatened by terrorists. This place is also threatened by terrorists and is not that safe for tourist to visit.

egypt In 2017 there was an attack in which 7 tourists died and after that onwards this place became very unsafe for tourist and it’s no more a place for a person can Rome peacefully.

Being a traveller myself I would also suggest avoiding this place but yes not the whole country is unsafe just a few places where the range of terrorist attack is more compared to the else.


The church and mosque are the places which get attacked very often there and also be aware of the pyramids.


Talking about the most dangerous place in the world cannot forget Libya. Well, this place is actually very risky even while walking alone in the roads out there.

Because there is a high change of kidnapping cases then all sort of  illegal tasks are performed there even people living there are not safe

how can the tourist be?

It is also threatened by terrorists. Mostly the place Benghazi is affected by terrorist attacks and is not at all safe for people to visit there.


Turkey is considered as another dangerous place which is under high risk.


Because according to survey after Istanbul the nest target is a turkey.

So to visit this place should be in your own risk because the whole area is under vigilance.

The place is under high risk from terrorisms


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Well, this place has always been in the list of dangerous places to visit as this place is famous for drugs and all illegal works around the world.

mexicoTo be honest, I myself don’t feel safe visiting this place as the history the present everything talks about how famous they are in crimes.

But there is another truth about the place as well, that the people living there are really very respectful and helpful.

Even if you visit Mexico to be on your own and be careful.

Pakistan-Kabul, Afghanistan

When we count dangerous places in the world the most dangerous one in Kabul Afghanistan. Every single day the news floods with how many people are affected or had died living there.

afghanistanThe most painful part is that every child everyone is scared there and they just have no clue how much more they are going to live. Death is so easy there. Parents don’t want to send their kids to school because every second day the attacks take place.

But Kabul is not Sri Lanka or the Maldives but it’s also not Libya and Syria its somewhere between. Some places are really very safe and some are deadly.

Every human out there lives with hope and nothing else.

They have nothing called luxury anything and everything they get or they have is a necessity.

So, if you ask me I would suggest avoiding such places that will risk your life.



Dangerous is what can be defined by Yemen itself. It’s the most unsafe place in the world mostly for US citizens. Not a single place is safe there to visit and stay.

yemenFor all the adventurous traveller out there if you want to live your life avoid this place.

People seek for a new, exciting and different thing to visit but at the same time, they need safety and security as well.

And when we count on security and safety this place comes last.

People living there are not safe and are hoping to be alive every single day.

Going there is not only risky but is also dreadful. If you still want to visit then do that on your own risk.


Last but not the least Venezuela, most dangerous place includes this place mostly in all sense. Crime, civil unrest, robbery, kidnapping all these are common in Venezuela and so it is not at all safe for foreigners to visit.

venezuelaEven the basic necessities needed to survive in a place is also limited there as medicines, food, water, electricity etc.

So going to Venezuela is not enjoyment but actually, a punishment to yourself, Even if you want to go then go on your own risk.

These are the places you can avoid or I would say you should avoid because we travel to seek enjoyment to discover the culture and for adventure but travelling after knowing the life is risk will be nothing else than foolishness I believe. There are many more places to explore in this world, don’t stop exploring the beauty of this world and places around but yes definitely avoid places which have a lot of political issues and high life risk.

Not a single place is riskless but there is a percentage of risk everywhere and I believe these places are high in risk and whether you travel solo or with your partner or with your family it’s not safe.

Don’t stop dreaming, don’t stop learning, roaming and exploring, Visit places which will make you happy then simply depressing you.

Just go with the flow and enjoy the place and the moment.


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