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July 4, 2019

Top 5 Escape Rooms

What one needs in life? Adventure, Fun, Exploration, Investigations, Puzzle and so much more accompanying is a getaway to live to the fullest. Such an outing or an experience within the four walls of a specially prepared room with your near and dear ones would be amazement in itself. Can you guess what are we talking about? Escape Room!

It is a flow of moment where one gets to evaluate the abilities and skills with which one needs to be smart enough to solve mystery, riddles and puzzles and tackle challenges using simple brain logic. An escape room is more of a game to participate and play along with a set of people named as team members who all are trapped in a room, appearing and hiding, uncovering treasures, making strategic plots to chain out themselves of the prison they are locked into.

The origins of Escape root evolves from adventurous games, fiction characters and plots, need of an escape and most importantly to make existence to a world beyond imagination right from the past. It all comprised of scenes, short stories, discovering pathways both funny and scary which was all inspired by books and television shows.

The reasons for which the Escape Rooms are so engaging for people is the realistic exposure one gets entering into the realm of thrill and fun. It is more of a physical and mental consciousness one brings forward and showcases the team spirit as well as team building capabilities. It is an incredible journey right from the intimidating beginning to the giggling end where one breathes in and out almost all the emotions present with a human. To wrap it all Escape Room acts as a stimulator to dish out happiness and excitement salted with a pinch of challenges. To not have such an experience in the bucket list is a big disappointment after getting to know about places which offer such thrilling experiences.

Let’s travel through the galleries of Escape Rooms of the World:

To sense the unmaking sense of the strong strokes of thunder…


The witty name was inspired by the writings of William Shakespeare and retains the nature truly like the name. It even refers to the response of our senses which is clearly associated with the designing of the place itself. Located in different parts of the United States in cities like New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, the place makes one travel through immense pleasure and bold ventures. The major and lively actions are the theme park-style encountered with special effects, unique puzzles to solve. The adventurous activities are grouped into several themes such as Dragon Castle, Deep Space, Espionage, Tomb and 20,000 Leagues.

The thrilling exploration provides facilities like high tech spy mission, outer space, ancient Egypt and many other fantasies.

It offers an automated lighting and sound system, illusions and electromagnetic effects to top it with extra fun. A group of 2 to 12 members can join in and of course, there are chances of failures too.

But not to be disappointed the real game is to defeat all the obstacles and head forward to accept all the upcoming riddles and puzzles. It’s not an easy task still more extravagant as it needs both our physical and mental attention without a doubt. 

To deal with the scary cabinet yet counter attacking venture…


Located in Texas, it is a place to experience one’s puzzle solving skills providing a space to all age groups to relish the joy of adventurous activities. Here in, one gets the puzzles along with the clues to solve the riddle.

The answers to such riddles are mostly related to the particular escape room which narrates its own story.

It is a perfect place for group outings with themes such as abandoned school, human trials and prison break where a team is locked for sixty minutes inside the room. The rooms are not claustrophobic rather they enhance the skills like team management and communication skills.

It is a time bound challenge for groups with the best-experienced staff and then allows you out once the time is over.

It would be not a haunted journey as suggested by the name but on the contrary, revolves the fun and excitement sprinkled with limitations of time to complete the task. 

To step onto the space of fullness and emptiness…’


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Located in California, the incredible experience starts with a totally different platform with themes related to the Edison which is an enlightening journey, The Great Houdini representing the original escape, the game room and escape the palace.

The games are innovated with secret exits which make the whole experience more exciting. It is a race against the clock and bonding with others.

The place adorns uniqueness with special features of games and innovative craft.

It enrols one into a complete package of adventure, communication and skill development.

It recollects the memories of the palace with its special room The Roosevelt Escape Room which reminds one of the past century events of the palace.

To have the clueless imaginations with the trapping clue…



The place excites one for being into a room away from the key, trapped and locked. The immense excitement it creates through the adrenaline rush to boost one’s energy.

The Games designed with deeper creative designing skills combines the team members into a single working force.

It will demand willingness and togetherness with logical methods to escape. It is made more individualistic through the ambience, set-up, scenes and riddles.

It seems to be a similar one but as the name connotes it is far more fascinating than what it offers visually.

The best part of the escape is that there are no intense physical exercises so it can be a mountain to the ones seeking for brainstorming and mental exercises with enough energy and comfort.

To deal with zombies and come out lively…



It is a popular escape with seven different narratives, separated by its theme, puzzle, clues and ambience. The most distinct showstopper is the Zombie Lab where a lethal man is turning people into blood drinkers.

Humanity is at the brink of explosion while the door has to be broken. Many other heart throbbing themes such as zodiac killer, prison break, Tesla’s mystery, Bunker, and The Bank Job.

The place in itself is a mystery to solve as one gets blown away by all the themes and honestly, all of them can be categorized into a must try one. From breaking prisons to sentenced to life one can live all the conflicts and controversial issues which one cannot risk to experience in real life. It not provides an entirely different space to live and enjoy the fears and joy together but also makes one feel free. Free from one’s fears and indulges one to propagate into an entirely different zone.

The Escape Rooms are more of an influencing factor in the present time as everybody needs an escape from their hassle-free lives. It gives the platform to experience and collect something extraordinary and different. It sounds to be scary and breathtaking but at the same, it gives one a stage to perform. A stage not where people watch others but a stage where one gets to see one’s own self.

The perceptions are turned wrong and the odds start turning into even when one enters the zone of Escape. It provides independence, freedom from daily chores, a newer yet safer escape to live through. One might get carried away by the idea and think not to surrender. To their surprise, the experience would turn more exciting and interpret one’s abilities towards a given task.

Wishing you all good times when you all enter into the dark world to come out brighter and lighter.


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