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June 20, 2019

Top 5 Travel Personal Security Products

With raising the humidity, close schools, running kids, melting ice cubes, hurray, let us welcome the summer. The vacation is on and I can already sense that you are all set for the summer plan with an organized plan. Talking about the trips, there comes the packing. And packing? It is the most challenging task, at least for me, as it is about dumping both silly and significant thing together. If you think that you can tighten the lace of your shoes and move, just because you are done with the packing, oh please, hold on now.

Perfect or not, before you execute the plan, I may want to steal a few minutes of yours. Do not worry, I swear you will not regret it, so again, get another hot dog and settle down with a paper and pen, as I am going to list out five travel personal security products which you will have to buy before you get going.

Why Travel Personal Security Products?

Because friend, I care for your safe and happy trip. Now, let us get into the business.

Five Travel Personal Security Products

Trips are not only about having fun; it is also about being safe and when I say being safe, I would also like to include ‘keeping your belongings safer’ under this category. There is one thing we will always have to remember, ‘the clever we hid the thing, the cleverer it is being stolen’. Isn’t that true? With technology, it is the criminals who are becoming smart. They know how to use them rightly in the wrong way.

During the travels, we are ought to take all the necessary things which line from cash, cards, passports et cetera. When it comes to girls, they need to take care of their safety too. Considering all this, today we are going to see about five products of gadgets which will help us immensely during the trip. And do not hesitate to spend some extra bucks on buying these products.

Anti-theft Classic Backpack

My recommendation for every traveller is, either you travel alone or with your family, it is backpackalways better and safe to have backpacks rather than anything else. And this has become a lot safer with the Anti-theft classic backpacks.

These bags are waterproof, lightweight, locking compartments, it also fits your laptop, and even some are available with USB charging slots.

You know, backpacks are always comfortable. You need not worry about carrying in your hands and they just rest on your shoulders. No one can simply pull out from your shoulders and these anti-theft bags simply can’t be opened if someone plans to steal your valuables.

Having those hidden zippers, you can keep your cash and cards hidden and safe. Along with this, you can also consider buying Bluetooth luggage trackers, which you can fit in the bags and track with your mobile.

Anti-theft Travel Belt Wallet

Sometimes we may not feel convenient in chucking everything inside the backpacks as you may need to remove the bag, open the zipper and fish out things each time. And it is also not safe to chuck in your back pockets, which will be an easy pick for the pickpockets.

Anti-theft Travel Belt WalletFor this, you can use this Anti-theft travel belt wallets. This, being attached to your belt, is safer than keeping your cash inside your pockets. It is also necessary to keep cash hidden in separate areas rather than storing a lump of money in one place.

When I have come across this travel belt wallet, I happen to note these dresses, especially for girls, where they can hide their cash. These pickpocket garments are both secure and stylish.

The dresses will not be identified as travel suits so that the girls can wear them and hide their valuables such as the debit cards, passport and cash inside them. It will be great if they have a few more of these dresses in their trip.

Under-door Alarm

Now comes the major part. One of the mandatory things which we are worried about is about staying at nights during the travel. You will not always find the best place to stay, and when considered, it is recommended to chose a less luxurious hotel or motel, as you can save some money in that.

And in case of choosing motels, you cannot be always sure that they are safe. Not just about your belongings, but then, for girls, it is necessary to carry this Under-door alarm which is a light-weight and easy to carry the product.

This device is placed and attached under the doors of the room which gets activated when someone tries to sneak into your room.

The device kind of acts like an alarm which will alert you and make the thief run away. We also have door stopper security bar with alarm, which serves the same purpose.

This device is also inserted just like the under-door alarm, and the alarm is turned on automatically in case of someone trying to enter the room. You can now rest easily at nights.

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Hands-free Personal Alarm

What do we have next on our list? It is a hands-free personal alarm. We are now safe with our valuables and are safe during the nights. Now, what about the daytime? What if we get lost or isolated during the travel? Or what if we have some emergency and our pals are away from us? We may not always trust our mobile networks.

You need not panic now as we have found the best solution. It is these hands-free personal alarms which are designed like a wristwatch. You can simply tie it on your wrist, and a person can’t easily identify it.

The strap fits anyone, even the children and all you need to do is press a button in the front during an emergency. This turn on the alarm which is loud enough to get the attention of the people away from you.

The eventually scares the hammer away, and you are safe now. The best part is the attackers will not be able to turn it off as the off button is hidden behind the watch. Just buy one watch for each person in your team.

Hidden USB

Last but not least, we have the USB. You may wonder, what is there to do with this USB. But then, they play a major role during the travels. It is advised that you scan all of your important documents and save them in the form of documents. This will help you in the needy hours.

hidden usbAnd now, this USB must be kept safe, right? You can secure this in your anti-theft backpack and wallet. But then, we have these USB’s in the form of bracelets and necklaces.

These are just like the Hands-free personal alarms, which cannot be noticed easily. Anyways, duplicate jewellery is the last thing that will attract thieves and criminals.

Apart from these important devices, you can also choose other devices wisely according to your protection and need. Secure your laptops and mobiles with passwords; carry mobile chargers, safety whistles too. Moreover, it is all in your hands to be safe. Try to avoid risky situations as much as possible.


Try to be conscious and aware all the time; also, be with your team. The devices are although necessary, it is mandatory that you need to safe and secure. After all, do not always depend on your gadgets; sometimes you have to trust your instincts too.

Are you done with your hot dog? Because I am done with my article. We have now reached the end. All it is left is for you is to buy these gadgets, make your trip more secure and stress-free. The products are available in the online shopping websites and you can easily buy through them. I will leave it to you to check the reviews and buy the best products in the market. You are all set for the vacation. Bon voyage fellas!






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