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Las Vegas – Casinos Are Not The Only Place!

Situated in the midst of Nevada desert, Las Vegas will take your sleep and give you loads of excitement in return. Let alone the gambling it is famous for and the strip club culture you’ve heard of, there are a lot of experiences waiting for you here, at the ‘Sin City’.

What To See?

Vegas offers you the most entertaining shows ranging from fashion to circus adventure. You might want to buy the tickets early at 50% off for ‘Four Queens downtown’ and ‘Town Square’.

Put the ‘Neon Museum’ on your list for a fresh air of the newly built parks and take a road trip to Boulder city along with a trip to the ‘Grand Canyon’ on separate days.

There is also this massive, 726 feet high dam – ‘Hoover Dam’ that will majestically please your eyes.
Drive to Downtown Vegas for the casino street vibe and head over to one of the bars for cheap slots and even cheaper drinks and food. Basically, cheap thrills all along!
Go to the top of the Stratosphere tower observation deck for a wholesome view of the city.

How To Travel?

For clubbing and long drives, book an open roof car for the best views. Fancy as it sounds, it will be a little expensive. But if you live in a budgeted vacation rental, you will be able to afford the ‘Air in your hair’ granting car.
Las Vegas is not really famous for public transport, but you can opt for the double-decker bus you see in the amazing pictures you’ve already seen.

Where To Stay And Eat?

Book a hostel/dorm room if you’re traveling solo for around 40-50$ / night. If you’re traveling with family, book a budget hotel at 80-150$ / night.

The best place to stay is at this spot called ‘The Strip’. No! it’s not a strip club. It’s just the name of a picturesque place in Vegas. It also encompasses the ‘Bellagio fountain’ that you must have seen in plenty of movies.

When in Vegas, ditch the breakfast buffets and indulge in fine dining with wine at 300$ or a little inexpensive if you cook on your own at 50$ per week for buying the groceries.

More Attractive Locations if You Still Have Time

Get a City pass for around 89$ /day or even 270$ /5 days which will get you a tour to over 50 topmost attractions including the ‘Grand Canyon’ and a cruise on ‘Lake Mead’. Visit a beach club for extensive partying in the afternoon hours and the wildlife habitat popular by the name -The Flamingo for appreciating the flora and fauna including a bunch of exotic birds.

Las Vegas – The Casino Royale experience!