Content Guideline

This Website allows individuals to offer to rent property (“Member” or “Members”); and individuals to locate rental property and rent such property (“Traveler” or “Travelers”), collectively known as “Users”. ParadiseTerra does not own any of the rental property listed on the Website. ParadiseTerra is not involved in the actual transaction between the Member and Traveler although we provide communication methods, such as reservation requestswhich enables the Traveler to enter into a transaction to rent a specific property directly from the Member. Members are aware that the required identified information below, including, but not limited to, contact name and telephone number, are visible to all potential Travelers and Users of ParadiseTerra website. As a result, the quality, safety, description, or legality of the properties advertised, the truth or accuracy of the listings (including the content thereof of any property), the ability of the parties to rent vacation property or the ability of the Traveler to pay for vacation rental properties are solely the responsibility of each party.

General Information

ParadiseTerra is not obligated to review or prescreen information and content uploaded to the Website by Members or Travelers. ParadiseTerra is not responsible, nor liable, for content uploaded by any of its users on the Website. Content refers to property listing, included but not limited to: submitted written information, listing descriptions, uploaded or submitted photographs, photo captions, headlines and Traveler feedback.

ParadiseTerra reserves the right to monitor content as often as it deems necessary. Additionally, ParadiseTerra reviews content posted to Website every 24 hours and will report any Member posting which does not meet content requirements, so that changes are made to comply with the requirements.

ParadiseTerra reserves the right to remove or delete any material or content considered inappropriate or offensive without notice to content provider or Member.

ParadiseTerra reserves the right to completely delete a property listing if the Member uploads or submits inappropriate or offensive content on the listing. Once a listing is deleted, Member may not renew or apply for another listing, and membership can be cancelled without notice.

It is the responsibility of users to submit accurate, appropriate, safe and inoffensive materials to the website.

If a Member or Traveler wishes to report a listing or other content information as inappropriate material, you may checkmark the tab “Report this material as offensive”. This report will go directly to our customer service representatives via email at and action will be taken.

Information requirements:

Property owners can become Members of ParadiseTerra and have access to our services by providing the following:

  • First name and last name of person establishing the membership
  • Email address
  • Mailing address
  • Physical address of property listing
  • Telephone number and contact name
  • Date of birth
  • Legal name of owner of property
  • Agreement to all terms and conditions
  • Certify they are of legal age, and over the age of 18
  • Certification that you are legal or authorized agent for legal owner
  • Submitting membership annual fee, per property advertised

ParadiseTerra will require Members to provide the following information to be completed for a property listing to be posted. Said information is accessible by all users of the Website.

  • Type of property (Chalet, House, Apartment/Condo, Studio, etc)
  • Physical address of property listing
  • Telephone number and contact name
  • Property description checklist description
  • Reservation rates table
  • Availability to book
  • Maximum of 10 photos

Each property listing will be identified by a listing number that ParadiseTerra provides “Listing # XXXX”

Listing Reviews and Traveler Feedback

ParadiseTerra provides a user feedback tool for Travelers who have rented a property location through a listing on This feedback section is included within the property listing allowing Travelers to provide a review of their stay. Feedback can only be made by using the feedback page on the Website. Feedback made telephonically to the Member shall not be posted on the property listing’s page.

Requirements for providing feedback on a property listing:

  • The Traveler must be able to provide proof of rental of property.
  • The Traveler must provide a working email address.
  • Only the Traveler who booked the property may provide the feedback. Only one feedback per stay.
  • The reviewing Traveler must be of legal age and over the age of 18.
  • If negative feedback is submitted by the Traveler regarding their stay at the property, the Member may submit a response to said comments; however, once a comment is posted by a Traveler, the Traveler can’t remove the comment.
  • ParadiseTerra screens and reviews travel feedback and can delete any feedback which is inappropriate or against the terms or spirit of the Website, without notice to any party.
  • Travelers may not post hyperlinks. ParadiseTerra shall, without notice, delete any posted hyperlinks.
  • Members and Travelers can report a suspicious or false feedback to ParadiseTerra by contacting

Travelers who submit a false review or opinion may be banned from future use of the ParadiseTerra Website.