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About ParadiseTerra - Your Trusted Property Rental Partner

ParadiseTerra allows individuals to offer to rent property (“Member” or “Members”); and individuals to locate rental property and rent such property (“Traveler” or “Travelers”), collectively known as “Users”. ParadiseTerra does not own any of the rental property listed on the Website. ParadiseTerra is not involved in the actual transaction between the Member and Traveler although we provide communication methods, such as email communication, addresses and telephone numbers, which enable the Traveler to enter into a transaction to rent a specific property directly from the Member. As a result, the quality, safety, description, or legality of the properties advertised, the truth or accuracy of the listings (including the content thereof of any property), the ability of the parties to rent vacation property or the ability of the Traveler to pay for vacation rental properties are solely the responsibility of each party.

Who Us

Going on a vacation? Do you have a limited budget? Looking for a home away from home? Don’t worry we have got you covered. Whether it is a much-needed family vacation, romantic getaway or even a solo trip our vacation rentals will leave you with a memorable trip for sure. With different kinds of rentals to choose from: condos, beach house, cabins, houses, villas to suit your needs we will make sure you can sit back relax and have a perfect vacation.

9 reasons you should choose us for your next vacation rental.

Reason #1

Your Second Away from home – We make sure our rentals make you feel extremely at home and give you a feeling of home comfort miles away from your home. We provide all sorts of amenities that you would get at home with the luxury of a vacation.

Reason #2

Many locations and different types of rentals – We provide our service in many different parts of the United States from New York City to California we have got rentals in Georgia, Florida, NewYork, Carolina, you name it and we have it and we also provide different types of rentals in each different state from luxury with your own hot tub to a tiny room for solo travellers we have rentals that fit for all different budgets and groups.

Reason #3

Enjoy cooking your own food – All our rentals give you an opportunity to save money on splurging on meals every day of your vacation. We offer you a wide variety of homes with kitchens all our rentals are also well equipped with the tools to make your cooking and dining happen with ease and some of you might enjoy a home cooked meal than dining out.

Reason #4

Pet-friendly – Around 85 million families in the USA own pets and it is very difficult to find a hotel or even a rental that allows you to bring your pets along. Pets deserve a vacation too right? Jokes apart, every single one of our rental is pet-friendly and some of our rentals have special amenities of pets where they have a separate play area and also a grooming area.

Reason #5

Free Wi-Fi and laundry – Most of our homes are equipped with free Wi-Fi depending on their location. Hotels usually charge you for Wi-Fi. Most of us cannot go a day without Wi-Fi and how difficult is it to not upload a photo of you on a vacation! We provide a 24/7 free network without any extra charge on the rental, not all vacation rentals have washer and dryers, but most of them do.

If a washer and dryer are important to you, be sure to confirm before booking your vacation. Having easy access to on-site laundry facilities can save you money, time and the convenience of packing less. Almost all hotels charge you extra to wash your laundry. Most of our solo customers/ bag packers usually try to carry less and this is usually a lifesaver.

Reason #6

Perfect locations – our rental homes are located in the best places where they are near to the tourist areas and if you are looking for homes away from all the city noise you can go for our “Away From The City” section where we have homes that are far away from all the city hustle and help you to get your perfect and peaceful vacation.

Reason #7

24/7 customer service – usually people find hotels better than rentals because hotels provide a 24/7 customer service we have filled this gap and al our rentals provide you with 24/7 customer service for all your problems and queries. Even the owner of the property will be available to solve your issues at all times, any problem with the house owner you will be able to contact our customer service and we will immediately look into the matter and shift you to another place and give you a full refund.

Reason #8

Collective feedback – We usually collect feedback from all the previous renters to help you know their ratings after staying at our rental we provide the customers with a survey in which they share their experience and suggestions and we allow our future customers to look at their feedback for more insights on the property that they want to rent. If we do get bad feedback from any customer regarding a certain rental property then we immediately look into the matter and also provide any compensation for your damages.

Reason #9

High quality check – we have our own staff that we send to personally go and check the property for hygiene and quality check and only then the property will be listed on our rentals we also make sure to do a background check of the owner of the property if all the aspects meet our standards only when the property is allowed to be listed for rent.

If you’re looking for a perfect vacation where you can enjoy your vacation on a budget as rentals are cheaper than hotels we are your way to go. We have all the amenities and experts in vacation rentals and we hope for nothing but to make your vacation the best you’ve ever had and the one that you will never forget. Choose us and we will make sure that you have the best time and leave with nothing but happy memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.