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July 18, 2019

What to do When You Lost Your Passport in the USA?

Many people dream of going to the USA and for many going to the USA has always been a part of the bucket list. But what happens you lose your passport in the USA? All that excitement that has built up for a long time gets shattered. That is the worst feeling ever. Although the USA has been friendly in resolving this issue. But try to protect your passport.

Passport is a very precious and important document that has to safeguard when you are going on a trip. There can be various reasons for loss of passport- theft, fraud or carelessness. Whatever the reason be or wherever make sure you protect your passport. Now why the passport is so useful?

Passport is useful because it secures the exit and entry from one place. It is a legal travel document that helps in the identification and authorization of a person. It is important and becomes equally stressful when you lose it once you are abroad. Please keep calm if you come across such a situation. You should not stress and try finding it in your own ways. There have been many incidents in which tourists have absent-mindedly left the passport at their home or have kept the passport somewhere that they cannot find. It is better to prepare yourself so that you can handle such a situation of loss. This article will definitely guide the legal steps you have to take in the USA. But before that, there are things you can do to find your passport on your own, make sure you don’t lose your passport in the future and the precautions which will prepare you for a situation.


Search your belongings before taking any sort of legal step The Human mind is very careless. We make mistakes without even knowing it properly. You should reach the airport at an earlier time than the time scheduled time. Even you are seeing that you don’t have it in your baggage go to the play you stayed to check if you have enough time. Remember the places you went to last and you can huge chance of retrieving it from there. There is no need to panic.

Do not panic and keep calm This is quite obvious in a situation like this, words don’t help. But to be honest, losing a passport is not the end of the world. The more you stress out, things get more confusing. Think peacefully about the places it can go. After you realize that it is literally getting impossible to find a passport, take legal steps. It will definitely work out.

Always remember to make a photocopy of the passport before you go on a trip to the USA. It comes of immense use when you lose a passport. Photocopied passport is required a lot when legal steps are taken for retrieving the new passbook. Other than the photocopy, there are other essential documents. Do not forget to keep them handy.

Rescheduling your flight is really difficult. Getting an emergency passport is not easy in the USA. It may take up 4-6 weeks to get the emergency passport. It gets difficult especially for those who have an emergency or for people who have reached the airport but cannot find their passport. Reschedule the flight timings according to the day of retrieval of the passport.

Once you are sure that you have actually lost your passport either of your carelessness or owing to theft or fraud, take necessary legal actions immediately. Although the USA is friendly it takes up a certain amount of time. Postpone all the other important work and take all required legal actions.

Legal Steps

 1. The first and crucial step is to file a report. The file has to be reported to the US Department of State and if possible a police report (as the passport can be stolen or maybe a possibility of fraudulent cases). The photocopy comes very handily at this time because of knowing the passport number and issue or expiration dates. You can call the state department at 877-467-2778 Monday to Friday, between 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. There is also an alternative in which you can fill up a form of DS 64. Even if you call at 877-467-2778, you have to fill the form after that. This is very important to know that once a passport is reported lost or stolen; your old passport will be invalidated to reduce your identity or any type of fraud and also cannot be revalidated. The old passport will be of no use.

2. Old passport is invalidated so it will be of no use. That is why you need a replacement passport. According to the US Department of state, the passport has to be submitted within 4 to 6 weeks of application. To continue this process, it is extremely important to fix an appointment for the replacement passport. If you need to travel soon, you need to schedule the appointment with the nearest US consulate or US embassy. Or else you can apply for a regular passport if you are not in an emergency. You can visit the official website for the location of the US

Department of state and contact any information which is related to the US embassy or US consulate.

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3. Submit the required fees and the forms which you have filled out. Once you have got hold of the US embassy or consulate, submit the forms and fees. You need to fill up the US 11 forms to explaining the reasons causing you to lose the passport. It is totally fine if you fill the US 64 form. But if you didn’t, do not forget to fill up the US 64 forms before filling up the US 11 forms. Always make sure all the important documents like photocopy of driver’s license, photocopy of passport and the required fees have to be included with the form that has to be submitted. If you are in an emergency of returning like about less than two weeks, you can do the entire processing from a regional passport office. Such processing requires 5 business days from receipt and approval of such a request. A huge amount of fees has to be paid to regenerate the new passport and you have to prepare yourself accordingly.

Additional Requirement

There are certain documents that are required to be submitted with the respective forms.

It is important to take a photo of the new passport. There are special requirements for taking a new passport photo and to know more about the photo requirements you need to check the website of the US Department of state. It generally requires a 2”x 2” passport photo with eyeglasses on. There can be a way in which you can also contact a passport office. They cater to various kinds of passport related services. They have helped many tremendously. But there are many fraudulent agencies. So it’s better to be careful when opting for this option.

5 Always keep your documents handy. Your documents will be your saviour when you trapped in a whole new city. Apart from your passport, you need to carry many important documents like your identification card, bills of the places you stayed can be of immense help and lastly the photocopy of your old passport is very important. Before going to the US, carry the photocopy of your passport and it will help you a lot. Drafting documents in your mail can also be of great help.


Applying a new passport consists of a lot of hassles and also it is a very time-consuming process. Safeguarding the passport from theft is the main priority. It will be like you will be trapped in another country if you lose your passport.  Additionally, try protecting your passport from any damage In the US, expired passport or damaged passport (having stains or crushed) cause the cancellation of your passport.

So try keeping your passport in a safe place like but don’t keep it here and there. If you are travelling in a group, give it to a person who you think can take up responsibilities very well. Try not to leave your presence with your passport because many illegal entries can be made using the name of the person and thereby causing some serious trouble. Safeguarding your passport is the easiest thing you can do on your trip. Do it and have a safe journey!


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