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May 14, 2019

Top 4 Proven Vacation Rental Marketing Strategies

The internet offers a variety of packages for travel with multiple options for lodging and food and mode of commuting. While a number of these packages turn out to be good and a complete value for money, some of these turn out to be a farce.

These travel packages may make false promises in their advertising, misleading the customers. As a result, the people end up paying for something they never wished to pay for. Some of these packages have pictures of properties which may look very beautiful from the outside but are actually shabbily maintained with inexperienced staff.

Also, many hotels claim to have good quality food but cannot even provide for a basic complimentary breakfast meal. It may also happen that some properties are actually very beautiful with some features which are a steal, yet they go unnoticed because their advertising is focussed on the wrong facts.

There are also scams which may promise a great deal but actually turn out to be fake and all your money vanishes into thin air.

As you can see, any business grows because its customers are happy with it. And customers are happy when they get exactly the same or more than what they paid for. Customer satisfaction is key and the way to attain it is good advertising.

Several points have to be kept in mind while making advertisements for your tour and the related packages and accommodations. Also, keep in mind if you spend more you earn more.

Here are some steps that can help you establish your business and attract more and more people for your travel.

#1. Prove that You Are Professionals

It is important to showcase your customer orientation and management skills. You need to emphasize your value for your customers. More than 31% of travellers prefer professionals with a good track record for managing their trip.

professionalHence, the amount of professionalism you display will help you a lot in improving your customer base. Word of mouth is very important as a happy customer will recommend your services to another person who wants to be a happy customer.

Getting good reviews and ratings is also equally important. Today in the world of online competition, every person visits the Internet for checking out what you have to offer.

Value for money is everything. There should a transparent customer service base. There should be good meals and good rooms. Many times the quality of interiors is what makes the person happy. When it comes to the hotel business, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder isn’t always true.

Make it travel-friendly, you should have options for car rentals and sightseeing and hook them up with good deals for nearby activities.

#2. Make Your Advertisements Attractive

USE PICTURES: Good pictures are the key to attracting more and more people as everyone likes to pay for a good setting when they are on holiday and being able to afford luxuries for the common man is hugely satisfying.

advertisementYour main picture is everything. It is what will make the people want to see the other pictures. Do not settle for anything less than the best.

MORE PICTURES: Also add as many pictures as you can. The more beautiful pictures you have the more the person buying your package thinks it is beautiful.

USE GOOD DESCRIPTIONS: You should use good descriptions for your property as once the person sees your gallery he’d like to reaffirm by reading your description of your property. Use catchy headings highlighting your main features.

YOUR AD SHOULD BE EVERYWHERE: It is important for the reader to see your add else all your hard work will go to waste, hence promote it wherever you can.

#3. Invest in Your Website

It is important that besides the listing websites you have your own website. It’ll showcase that you are a big enough hotel/tour company to sponsor your website and run things on your own.

invest in your website Also, if possible, take online bookings.

Climb Google’s page listings using SEO and the right content.

Use Social Media handles on Facebook and Twitter to promote your brand.

#4 Manage

It is important to manage your customers well. Reply to their inquiries on time. Entertain their extra request.

managementBe courteous and cooperative. Remember, the customer is always right. Train your staff well.

Bad staff means bad word of mouth about your property.

All in all, keep these few points in mind and help create happy customers, generate good revenues and make good business!

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