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February 8, 2019

Top 10 Islands For Vacation in 2019

These islands will fuel your serious wanderlust or better yet, inspire one within you. If you remember seeing a beautiful island on TV, in a magazine or a postcard, it’s on this list. From beaches, bays and backwaters to cliffs, ruins and rainforests.

Whatever your version of paradise is, these islands have it all. Ranging from the Caribbean to Thailand, each island brings something new and fresh to the table, along with rich heritage and culture to explore.

Swimming and surfing, sailing, snorkelling, scuba diving, hiking or sea kayaking, there’s an array of fun and exciting activities to feed that adventurous side of you. You’ll never really run out of options. While some of these activities are exclusive to certain islands, others are widely available.

It’s not just the scenic beauty and the one-of-a-kind locations that make these islands the best, it’s also the wonderful local people and the beautiful community they make. It’s advisable to engage yourself with the locals and be a part of the community. This will further enrich your experience and help you make the most of your trip to the best islands in the world.

Do you have an island-bucket-list ready? If not, make one because these islands will make every single item on your list a reality. Get ready to be blown away by the best islands to vacation in 2019.

1. Bora Bora, Tahiti

Often referred to as the Jewel of the South Seas, Bora Bora is one of the best islands in the world. It’s present on everyone’s island-vacation bucket-list. With a diverse underwater ecosystem including dolphins, rays, turtles and colourful and vibrant fish throng, the underwater experience here is unmatched.

Besides, this island is a widely acclaimed honeymoon destination. It’s the perfect spot for couples as it offers enough privacy and unrivalled beauty in the South Pacific.

Overwater bungalows can be found in a good quantity here. Many of these luxurious floating villas have glass floors, which enable you to witness the beautiful lagoon below. In this island, you have the option of not roaming around at all with nothing to lose and nothing to miss out on. Staying in a good resort will see to that.

Various recreation activities like snorkelling, diving, cruising, kitesurfing, jet skiing, shark and ray feeding are available here. All of this makes it one of the best islands to vacation.

2. Capri, Italy

All those celebrity yachts anchored in the Marina Grande tell us a thing or two about this island. Capri is an island that offers it all – breath-taking beauty, a great boat life, beach clubs, amazing nature walks, an active nightlife and arguably the best pizza in the world. Yes, you read that right.

Naples, the birthplace of Pizza is just an hour’s boat ride away from the island. For pizza lovers, this makes it one of the best islands to vacation. Make sure you try that pizza! Capri’s electric Blue Grotto has spell bounded visitors since the ancient Roman times, all thanks to the extraordinary optical effect exclusive to this place.

This glowing sea cave amazes even veteran travellers, no matter how many times they see it. This may sound good enough, but it’s just the beginning. The Faraglioni is an enormous rock formation made of three individual limestone stacks. It is a famous tourist destination and deservedly so. These majestic pillar-like structures are capable of stunning viewers from a distance.

3. Bali, Indonesia

We all have heard about this, right? Bali is the best tourist destination in Indonesia. It’s considered to be one of the best islands in the world. It has an aura of its own. A trip to Bali is like a pilgrimage for a traveller.

Often referred to as the Land of the Gods, you can find around 10,000 exquisite temples here, including Pura Empul and the Uluwatu sea temple. A plethora of dazzling beaches like Nusa Dua and Jimbaran Bay are also found in Bali, with most of the best hotels and villas available right there.

Moreover, thanks to its warm and loving people, you’ll find the experience of visiting Bali enriching to the core. With its serene landscapes and a unique aura, the place also inspires spirituality.
Furthermore, Bali offers endless choices of local or far-flung cuisine. After sunset, an avid nightlife awaits you, offering exciting opportunities for clubbing and other activities.

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4. Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai, Hawaii’s fourth largest island might just be its most underrated island too. It’s also called the Garden Island, and rightly so. This island is home to tropical rainforests, cascading waterfalls and beautiful rivers.

It rains a lot here, as much as 15 days a month in some parts of this island. It goes without saying that Kauai has the most rainbows too. The island is also home to a variety of outdoor adventurous activities. Options like snorkelling, kayaking, hiking, zip lining and biking by the beach are available. These many options will probably tickle the adventurous part of you.

This island is not as crowded as its cousins, with a relatively lesser number of big resorts too. This is great for travellers seeking a serene getaway. Also, the shops are inexpensive.
Kauai also houses a rich heritage and culture in its small towns, and when combined with the relaxing atmosphere of the island, it makes your experience truly timeless.

5. Santorini, Greece

Santorini also called Thera in Greek is immortalized by poets and painters. On this island, you’ll find multi-coloured cliffs, the perfect contrast of black earth against the iconic white buildings on the cliffside, overlooking the Aegean Sea and different coloured-sand beaches.

Moreover, this place is very famous for its perfect sunsets! Experiencing it is almost like a ritual for thousands of visitors each year. The aura and vibes of this active but dormant volcanic island are capable of overwhelming your senses and giving its visitors a mythical experience.

6. St. Lucia, Caribbean

Dubbed “The Helen of the West”, St. Lucia is an island that offers a little of everything. Its south-west coastline is probably the most photographed coastline in the whole of the Caribbean. But this isn’t all its famous for. The UNESCO-listed two Pitons, 2,500 feet high massive volcanic peaks seem to be straight out of a Hollywood movie, almost as if it’s CGI and not real.

If you’re a beachgoer, you’ll be glad to know St. Lucia is home to some of the most spectacular golden-sand beaches of the Caribbean, with all of them being open to the public. Some of the best include Anse Piton, Anse Chastanet and Anse Cochon.

Snorkelling is ideal for the reef at Anse Piton, which is home to a wealth of aquatic wonders and is very close to the surface. You can also go hiking on this island, with Gros Piton being the best choice.  St. Lucia also houses a score of rainforests and green jungles.

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7. Fiji

This group of islands is a photographer’s and a filmmaker’s dream. It’s there in every “best island to vacation” list. You’ll never get tired of the breath-taking view surrounding you 24/7. Fiji is recognised as the “Soft Coral Capital of the World”, and with the world’s third-longest barrier reef, the Great Sea Reef nearby, the underwater experience here is one-of-a-kind. Moreover, rafting is also an option here, with rivers offering breath-taking scenery.

Fiji is also famous for its food. The two most popular cuisines are – indigenous Fijian and Fijian Indian. Fruits like mangoes and papaya also taste amazing. If you’re looking to taste something more traditional, you can go to a Kava ceremony.

This tropical paradise has a score of stunning waterfalls, long sandy beaches and pristine waters to make you feel one with nature. Moreover, one of the best things about Fiji is – its people. Fijians are considered to be the most friendly and loving people in the world, and also, the happiest. Say hi to some locals to make new friends! They might show you around and even get you involved in the local community.

8. Hvar, Croatia

Hvar is considered to be the most beautiful island in Croatia and one of the best islands in the world. Having been ruled by different dynasties in the past including the Greeks and Romans, this island has a rich heritage and culture and the stunning architecture is witness to that.

The Gothic architecture palaces, fascinating churches and an imposing old fortress still captivate the visitors with their beauty and striking presence. This place is also famous for its magnificent beaches, lavender fields and lush vineyards. Hvar also enjoys a geographic location favourable to all kinds of outdoor recreation, ranging from hiking to swimming.

9. Maldives

From water sports to spectacular sunsets and delicious cuisine, the Maldives offers the best of both, relaxation and adventure. Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, it is arguably the most sought-after tropical destination in the world.

Sailing and Parasailing are the most famous activities on this island. But there is a score of other water sports to try out too! Apart from this, you can do some island hopping and explore some islands on your own.

Sunsets of the Maldives are considered to be magnificent. When the sun sets down, the sky becomes a sight you’ll never forget – like a canvas painted with hues of red, gold and yellow.
A natural phenomenon resulting in dots of neon blue glow in the ocean is a sight unlike no other. It is called the Sea of Stars. Vaadhoo Island gives you the best shot to witness this.

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10. Whitsundays, Australia

The Whitsundays is home to the Great Barrier Reef (one of the seven wonders of the world) and the Heart Reef. Enough said. Well, no not really. There’s a ton of other things too. It is home to some spectacular beaches, but Whitehaven Beach takes the top spot, which is widely recognised to be the best beach in Australia.

With an option of whale-watching, you can witness the magnificence of the Humpback and pilot whales for yourself. Apart from this, you can go sailing in the calm and safe waters of The Whitsunday’s. Want to go fishing? Lake Proserpine offers exactly that.
You can also taste some delicious food while you’re there. The local fresh produce, the Coral Sea’s seafood and the locality’s organic beefalo will make your mouth water.

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