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February 21, 2019

Top 5 Complaints From Peoples When on Vacation Rental Houses

Are you booking a rental property for yourself?? Know what the Tourists’ common complaints about Rental Houses?

Vacations are meant for your enjoyment. You go on a vacation to relax, relieve stress and lighten up your mood. That’s the purpose of holidays. And as we all know everything has its boons and banes. We see people complaining about the services provided by property rental owners. But have you ever wondered what these complaints would be?

What are the problems faced by tourists and what are their common complaints??? If you own a vacation rental house then you must check it out and see whether your guests complain about these issues or not. And if you are a traveller just like me, then follow this to know what your potential challenges are and things you should take care of before confirming any rental house’s bookings. So let’s get started.

 1. Cleanliness and Ventilation

We all are familiar with the saying that cleanliness is next to godliness. But have you ever wondered why is it so important to be clean and keep your surroundings clean? Imagine that you are full on excited to enjoy your holidays with your loved ones and just as open the door you are dumbstruck.

You see everything in a mess; empty food plates lying on the table, a house full of dust and not even a single thing at its place. Won’t your excitement commit suicide?? And won’t you grave your hopes all along with it? Of course, yes even the thought of it made you fringe and pissed. That’s not all what if you are lazy chap like me and don’t burden your self with cleaning process and fall sick because if living in an unhygienic place? I am sorry if it scares you but that’s a true fact, my friend. Travellers do complain about these problems. Their main concern is their health and improper cleanliness and ventilation make them easy prey for bacteria and viruses.


  • House owners – Keep the place clean and make sure there is proper ventilation.
  • Get pest control done frequently.
  • Travellers – Leave the place as clean as possible. Guests complained that due to improper cleanliness their moods were spoiled. And dissatisfied guests will do negative promotion which is bad for your Rental Business. Make sure that the place is clean and travellers are in love with your place.

  2. Poor Maintainance

I would like to share a personal experience here. I am bound to because it was horrible. I went to San Francisco a few years back and rented a house near the beach for 2 weeks. The moment I entered the place Everything seemed to be fine but as the time passed by I felt that I have been cheated. Yes, I am using this term, I was cheated. Some lights were not working properly and window panels were broken.

A whole week at night, wind used to enter the place and I couldn’t sleep due to loud noises. The interior and exterior decor was nice but then I was disappointed to see the condition of the kitchen and garden area. It was a disheartening experience. Some gadgets were on strike while others had an ego problem. The place was a complete gorgeous disaster. And I yes, it is real and I am not exaggerating guys.  I managed somehow but was not happy with the promises that the owner made and how they turned out to be fake.


  • Travellers- Complaint about the issues and ask for a solution or an immediate alternative to the problem, in case it cannot be solved as soon as possible.
  • Owners-Make sure that the place is properly maintained. Provide alternatives in case any of the appliances stops working. For example, if you doubt that lights might fuse then provide extra new bulbs, candles, matchsticks and a torch with cells. Or if you think that air conditioner might get out of order then provide table fans or coolers to the guests.
  • Make sure that all the facilities you have mentioned in the advertisement are provided to customers and they are not dissatisfied with your service. Remember business is a game of words and stick to your words if you want to win.

 3. Safety Issues

Safety is the foremost priority of any individual. But travellers do complain about this as well. The complaint about their luggage being stolen from the house or their own safety is at stake. They complain that there are no cameras at the entrance or proper lock mechanism to safeguard themselves and their belongings at night from robbers.

They might spend their holidays roaming on the streets worrying about their stuff back at the rental house and not enjoying their holidays at all.

A study found that people do experience loots and robbery on vacations and especially when the house is at a quiet place or on the outskirts of the town, quite far away from residential areas.
Now, what should you do? Stop going on vacation rental houses which are in quite places?? The answer is a big NO. You can follow the suggestions given below and enjoy peace.


  • Travellers- Try to carry less stuff and avoid travelling with expensive and valuable stuff, for example, an expensive watch or something similar.
  • Look the place well when you go for chilling out and exploring the place. Make sure that all the windows and doors are closed.
  • Owners- Provide proper security measures such as thumbprint lock at the main gate or a watchman if your place is huge.
  • Install cameras at the main gate.

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 4. Locational Barrier

Well, this may sound weird but guests do face trouble finding a house when two different places in different corners of the city have the almost same address. I remember once I went to Italy with my friend and the Rental House Booking site showed half of the address and we landed up in the wrong place. We were supposed to go 45 A street and we reached 45 street which was in opposite direction.

Moreover, another aspect of locational barrier in rental house property is its nearness from local tourists attraction places, local markets and most importantly my second home Airport.
One should check all these things before booking because they play an important role when you are on holidays. These are the things that people ignore the first place and later on complain about them. And bloggers like us include them in a list of common complaints of guests in Vacation Rental properties. But none the less, you can now be attentive and alert.


  • Travellers-Confirm the address beforehand. It would be better if you note down some landmarks as well while noting down the address.
  • Be attentive and check out the places you will need to visit more often and then select an appropriate house near to that place. It will save your transportation expense.
  • Owners – Make your place as convenient as possible. If your property is away from the Airport then provide pick up and drop facility.
  • Be creative and make a poster listing all the nearby places along with their working phone numbers to make your guests stay less troublesome.
  • You can keep some updated menu cards on a centre table or kitchen counter so that your guests can either order food or go outside to eat food or even best look at the poster visit a nearby grocery shop and cook their own meal.

5. Improper Complaints Redressal

Now when you have so many problems to whom and where will you complain? To the house owner or the caretaker? Or the website where you found this house for yourself to spend your holidays. The irony is that people complain because their complaints are not being paid heed to. And that’s the saddest part and I personally (no offences please) will blame the owners for not making the place worth staying for guests.

My friend told me that when she called her Vacation Rental house’s owner she did listen to her problems but took no action. And when she asked for compensation for the inconvenience caused, all she gave her was a bag full of storeys. The customers pay and when they are not attended with proper attention and care they tend to feel betrayed and might lose interest in your services next time. This might bring I’ll name to your Business and would hamper your profit. So Owners put on your pants and go off to work.


  • Travellers: Ensure that the phone number and email of the owner are correct.
  • Don’t be quiet. You have paid for it. Ita your right to complain if you are not happy with what you have got.
  • Make sure you put forward your point with enough proofs and senses.
  • Owners: listen to the problems of your guests and try to solve them as soon as possible. They might appreciate your efforts and recommend it to their friends for the future.
  • Talk to them politely and try to understand their situation as well.


Problems are everywhere, you just need to approach them differently and take them as challenges to success. Live, Love, Travel.




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