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April 22, 2019

Top 10 Celebrity Honeymoon Destinations

Picking where to travel is a very difficult task. The first official vacation as a married couple is perhaps one of the best parts of the wedding planning. Celebrities choose some of the best and most beautiful places in the world. Following are some of the world class honeymoon destinations that celebrities often choose to spend their time.


Are you an adventurous couple? Then, the Bora Bora islands are a top and perfect getaway for your honeymoon destination. This place is popularly known for its scuba diving into the crystal clear waters of the sea as you get to see the various colorful things beneath the sea.

The island will dazzle you with its surrounding turquoise lagoon and myriad hues. A room with an outdoor stone bathtub and glass floors to admire the marine life will make you want to stay forever.


This is another breathtaking and remote island and one of the top and most exotic luxury honeymoon destinations for celebrities. You get to stay in a villa having a private beach. You can also take the panoramic helicopter ride and enjoy the bird’s eye view of this stunning island.

And, last, but not the least, at the end of the day you could enjoy lobster and champagne on a lantern-lit floating pontoon. This is yet another tropical paradise and a top honeymoon destination for all celebrities out there.


The royal davui island resort, Fiji tops the charts of exotic honeymoon destinations. It is quite a paradise for celebrities. You could stay at any one of the sixteen villas that are only accessible by helicopter. You can also take an underwater safari in the azure waters of the sea surrounding the island to discover hues that you have seen never before. From zip lining to white sandy beaches and mountain climbing, this island has everything that you would love about this place, making it a tropical dream come true and a top honeymoon destination for celebrities.

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This is a top honeymoon destination for celebrities in the wild American countryside. You can always book an estate room at the Camelback or Sanctuary to witness their beautifully decorated interiors having private patios, game rooms, and separate pools. The best feeling is to take a dip in their infinity pool.


The Bahamas are elegance and luxury personified and have been one of the most favorite honeymoon destinations for celebrities. Thanks to the turquoise waters of the ocean and the white sand beaches that make this destination one of the most exotic honeymoon destinations.

The best and the most famous hang out place of the Bahamas is the One and Only Ocean’s Club resort which has a touch of royalty in it as well. I bet this is the dream come true destination for celebrities. The best part is that if you want you could always have a private butler who would bring you champagne and strawberries while you enjoy your day.


Surrounding the Caribbean waters, Turks and Caicos are situated southeast of Miami. It is a stunning honeymoon destination for celebrities as well. It is a secluded paradise where you can spread over a thousand acres of tropical jungle and white sand.

Each of the villas has its own infinity pool, sundecks, and its own twenty-four-hour private butler. Each of the villas is beautifully designed by Dona Karen. You can relax and refresh yourself and when getting bored of lounging around, you can always hop over to the Iguana island and enjoy deep sea diving, exploring new lives under water.

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California is going to make your honeymoon elegant, rustic and super private. It is set on the majestic cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean and is surrounded by endless forests. In total, it sums up to be a perfect honeymoon destination for celebrities.

You can experience nature’s beauty by exploring national parks. Also, if you are lucky and have chosen the perfect season for your honeymoon then you could even go for whale watching. Champagne breakfast and small picnics are always an option and are not to be forgotten.


Seychelles is one of the most expensive honeymoon destinations in the world, but, believe me, it is bound to be worthy of every penny that you will be spending. This is the perfect place for celebrities who are looking forward to some lavish wilderness.

There are eleven luxurious and ultra-private villas which are only accessible only by helicopters. You can also experience snorkeling and scuba diving and be surprised to discover the colorful and intriguing marine life in the Indian Ocean. Cocktails at the Sunset Bar should not be missed and is sure to make for an incredible honeymoon destination for celebrities. You can enjoy sailing as well as the rainforests together on this island.


The hideaway in Los Cabos is regarded as one of the most stunning and luxurious honeymoon destinations for celebrities. This beach paradise along with Mexican food will urge you to keep coming back for more. Infinity pools, spa, and beautifully decorated interiors are a sure thing to make your honeymoon memorable and beautiful.

One unique and adventurous thing for all the adventure lovers out there is you can learn how to drive a professional desert race car and also ride on the dunes and even through the villages. Now, how exciting is that? Surely, a bonus for all the celebrities.

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10. BALI

If you are looking for honeymoon destinations that celebrities love to visit, then Bali will never disappoint you. It is a top luxurious honeymoon destination. You can experience the best of Balinese cuisine, warmth and rejuvenating spa treatments.

You can book the super private Lagoon villa which is of three thousand six hundred and sixty-eight square foot with your own pool and butler. A wide variety of water sports are there to make your honeymoon adventurous. You can pick from snorkeling, kayaking and windsurfing, and experience world-class spa treatments. From coral reefs to white sandy beaches and volcanic mountains, this Indonesian island has everything you will be looking for.






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