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February 5, 2019

7 Smart Accessories to Pack For Smoother Travels in 2019

To travel is to experience the true essence of an aesthetic life. To summon the feelings of travellers who live their lives hopping onto their bucket list destinations is beyond words. Travelling has always been positively related to an increased sense of relief from a stressful life, a happy feeling, and positivity in perception. People who want to take a break and fly away for a vacation every once in a while also show greater productivity in their work life.

Some people travel because they have to, some travel because they want to get a weekly or monthly break and some just do out of passion and love for exploring the world. The reason why a person is travelling also shape the way he is travelling. You must have come across a group of two or a solo person, walking in his sliders, carrying around a big backpack on his shoulder and talking to strangers for direction! These people also prefer to take the hard way to get to their destinations. well, these are the people who are more likely to travel because they simply want to get into the depths of that destination and gel into the place to make the most enriching experience.

You must have also come across people who come in groups, stay in a large luxurious hotel, dress themselves up in different outfits and get incredible shots clicked at their favourite destinations! Well, these are the ones who are there to rejuvenate themselves and get pampered to stress-away from their daily lives. Again, these kinds of travellers book the best-in-class travelling facilities for themselves.

Whichever the kind of traveller it is, there’s always a bunch of tools and accessories you need, to make your vacay easier and hassle-free. So read on and find out the list of smart travel accessories that you’d need to pick up for yourself and you’re just good to go!

 1. Utile Water Bottles

As soon as we step out of the house, we become vulnerable to any kind of sickness that may come. Regardless of the mode of transportation that you’re taking or whether you’re on any regular pills or not, it’s utmost essential and wise to carry a bag of medicines with you.

Utile bottle bottlesStay no more worried about it as there’s a cool way to save yourself some trouble. The water bottles with pills organizers are the must-haves that every traveller ought to buy.

Every time you drink water, you will be automatically reminded to take the pill. Also, every time you take a pill, you won’t have to hover around in search of water. It’s all just right there in one place.

 2. Smart Luggage Tag

The market is flooded with really attractive and quirky luggage tags and it’s every traveller’s wish to have the best of them. For those who still live inside the cage and do not carry any luggage tag at all, you should start doing that. And for those, who know how to travel smart, there’s an upgrade for you.

smart luggage tagYou’ll come across the GPS enabled luggage tags that can just level-up your sense of security while you’re in a foreign place. Not just that, these trackers can also be availed in forms of small portable devices that you can just put inside your luggage if not tag in on it. there’s plenty of options available in the market, online as well as offline.

These trackers can be GPS and Bluetooth enabled. You simply need to download the related app on your mobile phone, connect it with your device and voila! You can track your luggage whenever it goes out of sight. Also, when it’s an amazing air travel accessory too as more often, the airlines lose your luggage and you’ve to wait for hours to get your luggage in-hand.

 3. Silicon and Inflatable Bags

Any person who has ever come across the daunting task of packing a bag will immediately relate to the pain of packing food items or any container. It eats up most of the space and to find the right size of the container isn’t easy and even if you’ve crossed that hurdle, you’ll realize that you’re always worried about the leakages and breakage in the container. Say no more now!

Silicon and inflatable bagsYou can easily buy a silicon bag from the market, these bags will only occupy the space as per the volume of the material you’ve poured inside. As its silicon, you need not to think about the leakage or breakage and can save a lot of space on your bag that could’ve gone waste otherwise. This accessory will also make air travelling easier as it will greatly reduce the weight of your luggage and prevent you from paying extra for the overweight luggage.

If you’re carrying a wine bottle or anything that can’t be transferred out of the bottle, you can get yourself the inflatable bags. These bags will get your bottle adjusted in itself and the air gap will prevent it from spilling or breaking.

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 4. International Travel Adapter

This is for those who travel mostly in foreign countries and get bummed every time they see the adaptor sockets. Frequent air travellers will know difficult it gets to not find the right adaptor at the airport, where they spend most of their time.

international travel adaptorCarrying an international or universal travel adaptor is a must! You’ll come across many options to choose from. Some provide the adaption to more than 160 counties’ power sockets, some offer multi-functionality, some give the user the privilege of charging more than one device at one time, some comes with the matrix of reducing the load on the device, some are best suited if you’re most avid users to high power devices, some are small and incredibly easy to carry in small bags and so on.

There are devices that can even run without electricity, for those who like to take the road. Get yourself the best-suited pick and feel easy every time you’re I a new country.

 5. Microfiber Towels

Well, it may not appear as an important thing to carry around especially when you’ve booked yourself some nice hotel room. But in many cases, hotels do not provide with towels and even if they do, the question whether they’re usable or not is still worth considering.

Microfiber towelsYou can find a microfiber towel anywhere online or offline and you’ll be surprised to see how easy your travel has become. These are immensely utile, they are super-light and compact. Since they have microfibers, they dry off real quick and can be used again without having to wait for a day or so for it to dry itself completely. Most importantly, they do not house any kind of germs or bacteria that can otherwise be a common colony at a regular towel.

For people who like to keep it raw in their journey, these towels can also be used as blankets when you’re feeling slightly cold. So if you have these towels in your bag, you are anytime ready to jump in the pool or take a dive at the beach.

 6. Ergonomics Pillows

Those long flights can literally make you think that you’re never going to take a flight again. It gets so annoying to keep sitting in one place and all the parts of your body scream for help. With an ergonomic neck pillow, you air travel accessory list will just game-up. You might have a regular neck pillow which you carry around to avoid neck and shoulder pains.

Ergonomics PillowsThe ergonomic pillow, as the name suggests, is intrigued in its design and make sure that you do not just get a ‘support’ for your neck and body but can also feel the comfort of it.

These are true bliss for those who have back and neck problems and can’t travel due to severe pain. The design and material used in the making of these pillows will swift your long flights into a pleasant experience.

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 7. Anti-Crease Shirt Organizer

If you’re the one who travels for work and spends most of your time in flights and boardroom, finding it difficult to manage a creased shirt every time you’re in a meeting, then this product is just for you.

Anti-Crease Shirt OrganizerThese anti-crease shirt organizers will keep your shirt folds intact and prevent it from creasing. These are compact and can be carried even in a bag pack. So you don’t have to worry about spearing extra time to get your uniform ironed whenever you reach your destination or hotel room. Just pack it in and you’re ready to greet the professionals.


For those who are travel-junkies, these smart travel accessories have seriously become lifesavers. Your destinations, way of travelling and the duration of your holiday can also help you in figuring out which accessory you must have. These will not only help you in travelling with less stress but will make you run on-the-go.  Also, it will help you when you’re packing for the next trip.

For say, you can just keep your utility water bottle stuffed with all the essential meds you need while travelling and just forget about having to keep them in your bag every time you step out of the house. These will not only make your trip easier but can also be used in regular life, if needed. Moreover, these accessories can be easily found over the internet or in your nearby markets, without having to spend a big chunk of money out of your pockets.

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