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April 14, 2016

Posting Your Property: First Impression Photos

Whether your ParadiseTerra listing is a vacation rental property in Miami or in Portland, first-rate photos can make your listing shine. Fear not, however. This can be achieved with a simple point-and-click camera if done right.

Listings including photos that pop receive far more attention and bookings from travellers than they would otherwise. It is the first impression you give your prospective guests in their search for their dream home away from home. Make it count!

Because this can be a daunting task for inexperienced photographers, the ParadiseTerra team suggests these three tips to highlight your home’s strengths and maximize its rental potential:

Clean Your Clutter

clean your home to take photosPlay interior designer for the day. Pick up personal messes and showcase your space as one for travellers to wear in. In the dining room, set out placemats, china, silverware, and drinking glasses as for a dinner party. For bedroom shots, a neatly made bed and an organized surrounding space are key.

Let Some Light in

let some light in to take photosWhile artificial lighting may work, natural lighting enhances colours within a space in a big way. Flip your light switches on and open your windows wide. This will instantly brighten your photos and make your space seem fresher, cleaner, and more open. Beware of shooting against direct light.

Get Artsy with Angles

take different angles photosShooting horizontally into corners is optimal for capturing the dimensions of a space in a photo. If shooting straight on, adhere to the camera’s grid, if possible. Cut out distasteful details like ceiling fans, but do not eliminate too much ground, which can inaccurately cramp your space.

Also, do keep in mind that while capturing accent features within your space is a more playful process, level shots tend to lend a more focused feel to your photos.

The more photographs you publish to your ParadiseTerra listing, the better a sense of your property travellers will get. Including photos of your property’s exterior and its surrounding neighbourhood are other effective ways to boost your property’s online popularity. Get creative and get snapping! ParadiseTerra is waiting.


These things will help you to increase your bookings but still, you have to think like a user than you will able to take pro photographs which attract the user and convert them into a buyer.

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