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June 13, 2019

10 Things You Should Not do During Vacations

Are you facing trouble to get through with the dullness this summer or you just completed watching your favourite TV series and now thinking what’s next, then my buddy you’re stuck in the boredom station! Vacations are not always about lazing around in your favoured PJ’s and eating a considerable amount of junk, let’s be contrasting this summer and beat the heat. You always have to keep in mind not to do things that’ll escalate your sluggishness…Let me be your guide

So I’ve come up with 10 things you should not do during vacations.

 1. Avoid Naps During Day Time

The worst part of a boring vacation is during daytime when you feel lethargic enough to sleep it out. That’s exactly where we go wrong, why we can’t be productive. Bring out that favourite white shirt of yours, and why not paint it! Maybe arranging your wardrobe or colouring your darling pillow cover can be a getaway from the insanely uneventful afternoons.

avoid naps

 2. Say No to Caffeine

 Are you a coffee lover? Well, the generation z is undoubtedly big-time caffeine addicted; I know this for real because I’m one of them. Every single day starts with a large cup of coffee! The point is to be rocker enough to say no to caffeine and enjoying trying out some refreshing mocktails and smoothies this summer. This will captivate your senses and may help you to strengthen your alertness. Caffeine can act as a psychoactive drug which can negatively impact our health.  Remember not to do things that make you feel inactive.

 3. Beat The Smartphone Addiction

One of the substantial task this summer is to be productive without excessive usage of smartphones. There are certain hacks to avoid this addiction.

  • Delete inessential apps from the phone.
  • Entangle your lock code
  • Turn off notification
  • Put your phone on silent while working
  • Get a real alarm clock

Beat The Smartphone Addiction

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 4. Avoid Being inside All The Time

Don’t you get bored being sheltered 24hours a day during vacations? We always require changes to spend guilt-free lazy times out of the room too…Meet as many people as you like, catch-up with an old bunch of friends over a glass of wine. Visit a park or museum nearby! Because you need not do things that might boost your laziness every day. 

 5. Do Not Spend Too Much Time in Bed

Vacations are all about relaxing the mind, body and soul. Perhaps sometimes the extension of this happy time makes you inert, it leads you to think about the problem that doesn’t even exist in the first place. Spending too much time on the bed may increase the turning and worry about sleep. Try reducing the amount of time you spend on the bed. The biggest reason behind a lazy vacation is being in bed almost all the time, here are little tips to avoid ending up in your so call stress free state of mind.

  • Keep a record of your sleep routine.
  • Do not use the phone while lying on the bed.
  • Set reminders and alarms before starting an activity.
  • Avoid having meals in bed.
  • Walk and talk.
  • Do some activity as soon as you start feeling sleepy.

Do Not Spend Too Much Time in Bed 6. Don’t Undertake Official Work

Most of the time during vacations we get stuck with our official calls, emails and other pending projects. Stop it at once, vacations call for being strikingly active and creative! It is that stress-free time of the year which has to be all about you. Chilling, stepping out on a road trip or beach sidewalk is best to get away from work. Take out time to prepare a ‘to do’ list this summer. Remember not to attend any official calls while doing your activities. Try painting or sketching, planting and cooking, joining a dance class or learning a new instrument or maybe a new language this summer.

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 7. Don’t Be Afraid to Plan a Short Trip With You Loved Ones

Go as many places as you can, you can always make memories while travelling with your loved ones. This needs not to be the idealized big budget trip, perhaps a small one! One day trip to an amusement park with friends or a picnic with family can help you to create memories. Here are some hacks to plan a getaway trip this summer:

  • Prepare a list of nearby spots to visit.
  • Shortlist the places best suited for every member of the group.
  • Make a WhatsApp group and discuss the idea of planning a short trip
  • Allocate budget and decide the place accordingly
  • Do not forget your camera please! 😉

Don’t Be Afraid to Plan a Short Trip With You Loved Ones 8. Don’t Hesitate to Learn Something New

This summer lets promise to be creative and enjoy being insanely busy without even using gadgets. Here I have a list of things to try out-

  • Look for new hobbies.
  • Try playing a different sport.
  • Visit a place unknown.
  • Do exercise and yoga in the morning to strengthen your mental health.
  • Try learning a new language.
  • Don’t be afraid to paint your hair red, green or purple.

Keep in mind not to do things that will bring out the lazy-crazy pants in you.

 9. Quit Using Social Platform

The best way to enjoy vacations is to avoid social media addiction. Everything in this world had its own set of merits and demerits. Social media can be helpful in many ways but sometimes it’s better to avoid the virtual world so as to celebrate reality. Excessive use of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram during vacations had plenty of ill effects in addition.

  • It diminishes thoughtfulness.
  • Facilitates laziness.
  • Increases distraction.
  • Intensify Lack of concentration.
  • Weakens the eye-sight.

To avoid its excessive try the following steps:

  • Set a timer.
  • Limit yourself.
  • Deactivate your accounts for a while.
  • Use airplane mode.
  • Turn off your notification.

Such little steps can help you to celebrate the real essence of life, this will provide you the time to concentrate and connect with nature, family and yourself most importantly.

Quit Using Social Platform 10. Don’t Overthink

The generation today is blessed with the ability to overthink; the idea of the vacations is to engage in something productive. Don’t be afraid to say it out loud, do what feels rights! Trust your instincts and eat that giant burger without any fear. Bring out the child in you, be creative and celebrate thoroughly. Express your loved ones and spend time with them. Cook for your mother and make her feel special. Decorate your rooms and make cards for the one you love!


This summer let’s do something different stop regretting and prepare a bucket list. Relive 90’s and watch your all-time favorite cartoons, go on trips, go on dates, cook for your loved ones, clear your wardrobe, prepare a time-table, paint your wall, decorate your room, go for a walk, learn a new language, be crazy host a party or an outdoor gathering, visit NGO’S, pamper yourself, be hydrated and ditch the idea of using gadgets. Be creative and gift yourself a vacation worth remembering.


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