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May 1, 2019

Is Travelling the Whole World Useful or a Waste of Time

Travelling is a part of human life. Money is nowadays what basically considered as the need to sustain and something to get basic facility to live a prosperous and happy life.

Finally, all humans want to live a happy life. Happiness can be taken out from a lot of different factors and its meanings and cause depend on the type of humans. Some of the humans find happiness even in doing thrilling adventures while some are even afraid of that.

At last humans, earn money for fulfilling all the requirements of the beautiful life given and hence gets satisfaction and finally the main goal is happiness.

Travelling the whole world has many aspects hidden behind the term and it’s meaning too. Here are some points are taken into consideration while travelling.

Benefits of Travelling

Here are the things which tell about the benefits of travelling.

1. Travelling While Learning

Learning is a knowledge gaining process from different fields. A human being is such a creative creature of the world, who always tries to find such fantastic, enthusiastic ideas to make life enjoyable. Humans after get bored of continuously living a life having a fixed routine, and therefore needs to refresh themselves, and hence usually prefer to either change the daily routine and have a fresh mind too.

travel while learningHumans like you to enjoy travelling and at that time travelling they learnt a lot from nature the culture of the peoples and a lot from the surroundings as well. Humans earn money for the completion of their daily needs.

Learning in human life is a process that one goes throughout human life. Updates in every field are as much as important as the supplements required by us.

Learning while travelling can worth a lot. While travelling we meet a lot of types of humans, and meanwhile, we came across a lot of different cultures, rituals and their recent knowledge even of past which helps a lot in self-development.

While doing anything we meant to learn something to gain something so as to improve ourselves, to make us a better human being. And hence travelling is such a process by which we can you can gain a variety of knowledge from different places, cultures, and all such places and things.

Learning is a continuing process in one’s life, and all of us need to get up to date regarding each and every aspects whether it’s our service or fields approach or our social and spiritual aspects. Learning is not a one time process, all of the humans use their money in education in educating their individuals their children and society too.

Today in this century there is a huge demand and need for an educated society. And this can be done by gaining all of the humans’ different knowledge and way of living, their behaviour has taken all into consideration.

2. Travelling as a Medicine

The human life is not as much easy to live as sometimes we feel so. It’s full of ups and downs. Especially if nowadays are taken into account then almost 98% of humans are suffering from mental disorders either from depression or other causes in their day to day lives. While rest is suffering from physical disorders or some disability.

travel as a medicineThis Travelling can improve their mind, it can refresh one’s mind so practically that even depression can be cured easily. As the human reaches a lot of places and the surrounding changes and hence feels positive, and easily overcomes negativity inside them.

This acts as a very much powerful medicine too. The money wasted normally in purchasing medicine and to eat them so bitter ones are really unforgettable and painful too. But to get rid of all such Travelling is such a tool proven to be very much effective, that heals almost problems and diseases too.

Travelling refreshes mind so as to learn more effectively and accurately for a long time. Just a plan for a trip can also help a lot too get rid of the boring day to day routine and get out from that and live a life with surrounding by having interaction with different cultured humans their different languages and a lot their behaviour too.

Travelling serves as an effective medicine which includes joy and happiness rather than those painful and bitter ones given by doctors and nurses.

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3. Travelling for Skill Development

Travelling helps in developing a number of skills. Skill is a capacity that can be increased by expanding yourself, your network. Especially one of the most famous and important skill that is communication skill.

travelling for skill developmentOne can only say that I possess this skill if he or she is able to communicate well in at least any one known language effectively and able to know very well what to talk, how to talk and when to talk, in which manner and with whom to talk, which type of tone should we use while talking.

If all such is known to you then you can withstand anyone, compete with anyone and the whole world can be under you. This skill can be developed. Your network can be expanded by meeting new humans, people’s belonging to different a variety of places. It can be done by Travelling to the whole world. To build your skills you have two basic ways either to take help from tutors or be a self-learner by trial and error method.

Both of the task to build skill requires money and time too. But the only difference is that you human will enjoy a lot if choose the second one as it can be done by meeting peoples from varying nations across the continent and trying to know to learn something from them that can help a lot in developing your variety of skills.

Especially this Travelling helps you to love nature, to love and know the humans more deeply. You will be able to develop yourself too.

Travelling helps in developing skills with joy. It helps in developing social skills, communication skills, humanity and all the important things that matter a lot for your people.

4. Travelling for Self Development

As we are humans living on earth, we demand and wants self-development as it is the basic requirement and a necessity nowadays. Travelling improves ourselves. It fills is with joy and happiness. Enthusiasm and beauty are infinite. Nature itself teaches us to develop ourselves.

travelling for self developmentIt helps in personality development as Travelling involves visiting many places and people or simply humans or living beings. Even the animals taught a lot to humans. Nature helps in development. How?

Trees taught us to have a big heart, to move in the direction we want, due to some foolish ones our main motive, the aim should not be changed. Different types of plants taught us a variety of development ideas. Different peoples living at varying places teach us the way of living, how to interact with a different mindset of humans.

How to behave in front of different age groups. And all such type of things you people will come to know if you will move, you will travel the world.

Remember humans it’s never waste of either time or money in doing anything which benefits you a lot and gives you Joy and Happiness. As even you earn money to get that. So what’s wrong if what you want comes with a surprise full of fun and enjoyment.


Travelling the World is worth the use of money appropriately and time utilisation.


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