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May 8, 2019

How You and Your Girlfriend Can Earn During Travelling in USA

Bored of that same old 9 to 6 job routine? Want break? Want to travel and explore your imagination? What’s stopping you then? Money, confusion, holiday, “come on”, “buck up!” one life to live and live your life to the fullest.

Ever have you thought that making money while travelling? Kind a strange I guess, because the only thing comes up on our head is how much money we’ll be needing while travelling and this mentality people have all over the world. What if one can earn while travelling, strange right! but is possible and very intruding.

Well, I am very fond of travelling and so is my girlfriend. We decided to visit the USA but we were lacking financially and so we decided to get along and find means which will help us earn while travel and trust me guys it’s something you’ll be enjoying as well. Isn’t it great having your interest and adventure at the same time? Just a little bit of planning and there you are with money in your hand.

Ways to Make Money While Travelling

 1. Fashion blogger

Well, interested in fashion and stuff can own your own fashion blog for which you’ll be paid. If you have a great fashion senses use it in this way to earn money and fulfil your dreams and desires. It’s a mix of your interest and for which you are being paid at the same time.

fashion bloggerIsn’t tough just the way you fashion or get yourself done during day to day activities just the very same way you have to name each style and have to upload pictures you wearing or someone else wearing that style and you just need to describe the whole style in your own way but must be attractive enough that people must appreciate your work and should start applying that style in their day to day life.

It is very simple and as fashion is your cup of tea it won’t be difficult for you to carry the whole thing on your own. Look for fashion blogs, new style, what can make you look different from them and just start it.

 2. Fiverr

Fiverr is an online website or I must say a market of its own where a person can sell his or her talent and there are buyers to buy those talents and pay for that.

Very much into photoshop, computer, writing then this website is so right for you to earn money and that too in a very less amount of time as it pays at per hour basis.

fiverr logo

This website is the most convenient one when it comes to earning money quickly and easily.

Just have to choose a genre or a subject at which you are confident and know that you can do well. You have to make gigs which means you have to showcase your talent through some presentations and that will attract the buyers towards your profile.

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 3. Upwork

It’s another website and a market on its own, online market. If you are very fond of computer works such as data entry, ms excel, power point, word and all this is the right place for you to earn money.

Just being confident and presentable will help you reach your goal on this website. Just have to focus on completing the work within the time limit or taking even less time so that you get good reviews and the buyers all over the world should prefer you than anyone else.

upwork logoThis website helped me a lot to earn money within a week, it’s trustworthy, it’s safe and you will like working sitting at your destination and relaxing and doing the work. It won’t be that long that you feel like office even while travelling it will be short yet with sweet money.

 4.  Photography

Maximum of us are very fond of clicking pictures and nowadays it has to be a compulsory thing to do while travelling or even while seeing something different from the usual.

I am a camera addict and my girlfriend is my camera queen. Personally, I love clicking pictures and believe a maximum of you also take photographs as it interests you just have to turn your interest into a passion and there you are with money in your pocket.

photographyHow? Well, the pictures which you click for your own interest you can even sell those pictures to earn money and per picture you can earn a nice amount of money.

There are websites who seek for pictures and they like to buy it from local or so-called freelancers. You are not bound to set or obey any rules up there you just click the picture and those you feel like selling just sell it and earn money. Easy as well as quick.

 5.  Typing

Love typing? Are you that kind a person who is very fond of keyboards and keypads and always into typing something or the else, that’s a good talent must say.

bloggerGet connected to any of the online freelancing job agencies and ask for typing work they’ll give some typing work to you and you just have to complete the work within time and hence earn money.

 6.  Travel Blogger

Well, here it comes to people like me and my girlfriend who are very much into travelling and all. If you are one of us just open your page and start exploring the world with the beauty of your imagination and reality.

This may take some time for you to earn money because it totally depends upon likes and how you are attracting your audience to like your travel blogs.


Just keep it cool, click pictures of the areas you visit the food you get along with, the famous places, the places which you just discovered being there, their cultures, their tradition.

There is a lot to explore while travelling because a different place has different types of style, food, dance form, culture, famous places.

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 6.  Influencer

Do you like speaking? Not with your friends I mean publicly if yes then you can be an influencer.

Speaking in public or creating videos of you having a discussion about something different and new with full knowledge you can earn money.

influencerNeed to be presentable, confident about your voice and tone and just have to know to communicate well with the people you’ll be facing.

7.  Advertising

There are certain online based websites and companies which ask for socializing their product and to set them in a way to reach the audience in a large amount.

If you know animation and have worked in that field then here you go another awesome opportunity to earn money.

Just have to help those websites or companies by selling their product by creating a nice outlet and by simply advertising.

8.  Public Speaker

If you love talking just save your talk and use it to earn money. You can conduct workshops and then can create a street play on a social topic. Use your talent or interest as a means of your career and a way to earn money.

pubic speaker

Public speaking is a talent altogether, as you see in youtube motivational speaker, comedian, storyteller, you can be one of them by this talent of yours just have to be with good knowledge about the topic you’ll be speaking and avoid damaging statements and issues which are debatable.

8.  Content Writer

If you consider yourself as an all-rounder I mean can write on any topic and genre than go for content writing. I myself prefer content writing when I am in need of money.

content writerIt’s very simple just have to write on certain topics which will be given to you and you have to just elaborate and beautifully locate by your own skill.


So, these are the ways in which you guys can earn money and can go for your dream destination. Being a traveller I and my girlfriend prefer more of writing travelling blogs and I am very fond of clicking pictures so yah selling that too to earn money. I shared my experience with you all, hope you got an idea about the ways and are all set to pack your bags and move to your

Dream place with your loved ones. Enjoy the moment at the same time earn unknowingly.

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