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August 13, 2019

How to Maintain Menstrual Hygiene During Road Trip Vacation?

Being a girl, I can totally understand how frustrating it is when the whole of your trip is spoiled by periods. The disturbing cramps with a bloating stomach and an awkward feeling of getting a stain followed by drastic mood swings. Every female traveller thinks of how luck her male counterparts areas they never have to deal with “that time of the month”. It is really annoying to consider your periods while planning a trip. But this cannot stop a girl from travelling as we have been going through this from the very beginning.

Keeping yourself healthy and maintaining hygiene is very important not only during a menstrual flow but also when you are not on your periods. You must always carry a survival kit with yourself including medicines, sanitary pads, tampons a hand sanitizer, water bottle, a pair to panty because you never know when you need them, hot water bottle and snacks, snacks in case you are going through the cramps and you feel hungry at the same time.

So here I am giving you some tips for periods, how to deal with them when you accidentally get periods on vacation.

1. Prepare Your Trip

Never forget to carry feminine hygiene products in your bag. Carry your sanitary pads, tampons or menstrual cup check twice to carry at least double the number you usually use.

For eg. If you use 3 tampons a day carry 5 for your periods on vacation to avoid bad smell and feeling uncomfortable. Because you never know whether where you are going you are definitely going to find tampons easily. And whether they are of the same brand that you use or not.

Carry an extra pair of the panty. Also, if you are aware of the fact that your periods will arrive in the vacation choose your clothing wisely, rather than wearing tight shorts you must carry a flarry skirt with a pair of comfortable shorts under it. Try carrying waterproof underwear for preventing leak all along the day. Pack your painkillers.

Ibuprofen or aspirin can help you reduce cramps. Keep in mind that in some countries you cannot buy medicines over the counter without a proper prescription. Also if you are taking medicine always consult a doctor. Never overdose, rather than medication you can also try a heating pad it will definitely give you relaxation.

2. Stay Hydrated

Whether you are at home or outside in the heat it is always advised to drink at least 2.2 litres of filtered water every day for women. The quantity may increase with the heat and on the amount of work the women is doing. Try having cranberry juice as it helps you to prevent UTI’s when you are on the road.  If you are having your periods on vacation beside drinking filtered water you can also have juice, milk etc.

3. Wash Your Hands

Most infections are caught by your hands. Always wash your hands before and after going to the restroom also after handling a pad or tampon.  Wash before eating and after you touch any public object like ATM, public phone etc. Clean your nails and keep them short.

4. Scheduled Rest Room Breaks

Make the most of the restroom if one can avail them to check the health of feminine hygiene products. When taking long flights or road trips try going to washrooms on certain breaks this will also improve your circulation and muscles.

In these breaks clean all your private parts and always carry the period kit with yourself.

Don’t forget to wash your hands and while using public restrooms try always carry something to clean yourself, a tissue roll, or paper towel. You should always wash your self multiple times while using restrooms in order to avoid any bacteria.

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5. Always Use Flip Flops

Restrooms are the places where most of the germs get stick to your body which can lead to a fungal infection. While using public restrooms never go barefoot as the bacteria will directly be in contact with your body. This is always recommended as you never know how sanitary a restroom floor actually is.

6. Deodorant and Baby Powder

While on a road trip, where you cannot have a bath, in order to let yourself fresh and remove any kind of odour of your body. Use them regularly as you might feel awkward with your co-passenger if your body stinks. The powder can be applied on the thighs, between them and this will keep odour minimum.

7. Stick to one Method of Sanitation

Women use a sanitary pad or tampons. But while travelling some tend to use 2 sanitary pad at the same time, in order to prevent any kind of stain you find this an efficient technique. But truly, it is not. It may keep you dry and prevent the stain from your clothes but it is infectious.

Here the combination absorbs the blood making us oblivious to change our tampon or sanitary pad. If the sanitary pad is not frequently changed, the blood accumulated on it can invite bacteria which can further lead to infections. And hence it is highly advisable to change your sanitary pad as soon as possible during heavy flow.

8. Tell Your Co-Partner About Your Periods

Tell at least one person that you are on your periods. Tell him all the tips for periods so that if you think of any leak, he may take you to the nearest restroom. Also, if you have cramps he can handle you, give you medicines and makes you feel good. Mostly all females have mood swings, in order to stop an upcoming argument or fight tell them so that they can handle you and not get pissed off but this doesn’t mean you can shout at any stranger.


Never skip a trip because you are on your periods. Enjoy the trip with the same energy with which you were supposed to. All you need are some measures and a bit of planning for your periods on vacation. You can postpone your period by taking birth control pills if you cannot handle them during your trip. Keep in mind the tips for periods.

Always carry your period kit with yourself along with the appropriate clothing. Pay utmost attention to your hygiene washing your hands regularly, changing sanitary napkins or tampons with your underwear regularly. Keep a check on your body odour. Having scheduled restroom breaks and a supportive friend aware of what you are going through and could lighten up your mood and make you feel comfortable always.



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