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July 24, 2019

5 Best Boat Tours in the World

We all know it is time for summers and what is more exciting than to explore new places in the world. When it comes to exploring, some people like to explore mountains, some like to get tan on the beaches but most people head out at places which have the best boat tours. Well, if you are one of them, then here are the 5 best boat tours in the world which are a must to visit.


a) Halong bay situated in Vietnam is a popular destination, Quang Nich Province.

b) It is a beautiful river surrounded by jungles and the view from the bay is breathtaking.

c) The weather in Halong Bay is rainy most of the time as it is surrounded by such an enormous amount of trees and plants making the place a calm and peaceful retreat from the chaotic daily life of tourists.

d) You can reach there by taking the expressway connecting Halong City and Hanoi or by taking a flight till Van Don International Airport which is around 50 km from the Halon Bay.

e) The boat rides in Halong Bay includes different types of cruises according to tourists budget and the time they want to spend there. One of them is a luxury cruise that costs around the US $300-350 for a cabin and they usually take 24 hours which is not worth what you will be paying.

Then the next one is midrange cruises which start from the US $60 and can go up to the US $110 adding adventure sports and it goes on for 12- 13 hours which is worth paying for. The last one is day cruise which cost around the US $50 per person which goes on for 4-6 hours.

You can also go for Kayaking if you like doing water sports as it is also included in midrange cruises.

2. Milford Sound, New Zealand

a) it is the most visited estuary in New Zealand South Island. Primaeval surroundings and obscure view makes Milford Sound a special place to visit.

b) This bay is formed by the melted glaciers and therefore these glaciers come to sight from time to time which can be seen during the boat ride in the bay.

c) Milford Sound is surrounded by the grandiose mountain peaks which are a source of many waterfalls and make it an impressive sight and experience to be enjoyed.

d) It rains heavily in Milford Sound all the time and is also known as one of the most wetted places in the world. The temperature here ranges from 18 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius.

e) You can take overnight cruises that cover the full length of the bay and also offers water sports at the seashore such as Kayaking.

f) You can reach Milford Sound by car or by taking a train from Queenstown or Te Anau or by air by taking a helicopter from Milford Cruise to Queenstown.

3. Kerala’s Backwater, India

a) the state of Kerela is well known for its beauty which is a sigh of relief for eyes as well as mind. The backwater in Kerela is a collection of rivers, lakes, and canals that different types of the boat ride to the tourists such as boathouse rides or the luxury cruises.

b) It is up to the tourists to opt the boat rides according to their time and expenditure.

c) You can get there by road by taking the national highway to Kerala or by taking flights till Thiruvananthapuram or by sea or even by trains which directly connects Kerela to the other parts of India.

d) Kerela backwater is famous for the houseboat rides which make tourists feel like home. Houseboats are also of different types such as luxury houseboats, eco-friendly houseboats, and standard houseboats. It costs around $150 per night. So, if you are in India, it is a place to must visit.

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4. Quetico Provincial Park, Canada

a) Quetico Provincial Park established in Northwestern Ontario, Canada is a primaeval forest known for its wilderness is a quiescent and soothing spot for vacations where you can enjoy boat rides as well as water sports.

b) You can do different activities in this forest such as fishing, camping, swimming, wildlife viewing, kayaking, etc as this place gives you the best acquaintance of nature. Canoeing is the main water sport here which can be done by yourself or with the help of the professionals.

c) This place is a hub for wild animals such as bears, Marine mammals, marine birds and a tremendous amount of fishes making it a perfect place for your retreat.

d) If you are going with keeping fishing in mind, then the best time to visit Quetico Provincial Park in June and July but keeping that aside July and August is the cosiest time when you can enjoy with your pals.

e) One of the most spots to visit around here is McAree Lake which is easily accessible as it has four entry points.

f) You can get there by taking Highway 11B from Atikokan or by taking the Trans-Canada highway.

g) If you are doing camping, try to camp safely as Quetico Provincial Park is a hub for the wilderness.

5. Franklin River, Australia

a) It is an enduring stream situated in the Central Highlands and western regions of Tasmania, Australia.

b) White water rafting is one of the activities which is most famous in Franklin River, Australia. There are many obstacles in the river thus rafting can be done only by the professional rafters who have prior experience.

c) This river passes through Gordon Franklin Wild Rivers National Park and World Heritage area. This place gives you a soothing experience by taking you away from the turbulent daily lives.

d) The best time to visit Franklin River, Australia during summers which last from December to February. The temperature in this season ranges from 21 degrees to 12 degrees which is neither too warm nor too cold making it the best time you can have with your friends and family.

e) During your trip there, you will be able to spot a variety of wildlife flora and fauna as this place is close to Gordon Franklin Wild Rivers National Park.

f) This trip will cost around $135 and you can stay here for 3-4 days to explore this place in a better way.

g) You can reach the Franklin River by taking the road to Franklin River or by taking a flight to the nearest airport.

So, if you are bored from your ordinary life and looking for some good recreational time with your family and friends, then you can take a tour to one of these places where you can explore these beautiful places in addition to these nonbelligerent boat tours.


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