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Atlanta – The Gate City Opens Doors to You!

The most vacation – like the city in Georgia, Atlanta does not have beaches or mountains but still has some worthwhile location for your engagement.
It was originally called the ‘Gate City’ because it was a commercial way station between the coastal ports and the agricultural land in and around the Ohio River Valley.
It offers multiple cuisines and plenty of adventures which we will know about shortly.

What to Eat?

Hard to believe, but a city like Atlanta has a great arrangement of food. Enjoy a comfy chicken biscuit, strong coffee and breakfast tacos, hearty & healthy bowls of smoothies and juices, creative pastries, ramen, Japanese sandwiches, so, multiple cuisines for the foodie in you!

Head over to East Atlanta too for some delicious Sushi Burritos and donuts which you would have never tasted before!

For indulging in a few drinks at night, stop at the swanky rooftop cafes, mainly ‘The Sky lounge at the Glenn hotel’, ‘The Mercury’, ‘SOS Tiki bar’ and ‘Estrella’.
Also, eat and drive while visiting the ‘Buford Highway’ for doing Atlanta in the most Atlantic way of indulging in food!

Where to Stay?

Among the best ones are, ‘Hotel Clermont’ providing you with bunk beds and surrounded with the best bars and restaurants in the city. Book an Airbnb as Atlanta has some of the best ones in affordable prices.
Cut short on your budget by shopping at ‘Farmer’s market’ and cooking the meal you always wanted to but never did! Right here in Atlanta.

What to do For The Best Worth of Your Money?

Walk on the Atlanta Beltline with your family by foot or rent a bike in cheap amounts. Drive north to Sandy Springs, paddle board at Morgan falls and relax at the most exotic spas.
Atlanta is famous for its shopping culture. Shop at the most popular street from ‘Westside Provisions district’ to ‘Marietta street’. Visit downtown to get a taste of the ‘Olympic Park’, ‘World of Coke’ and the ‘Sky view Ferries wheel’.

The best part is visiting the whales at the ‘Georgia Aquarium’. You might feel it’s coming at you! Next, drive a Porsche at the Porsche Experience center for a few bucks. Feel the car ride effortlessly.
For the art lovers, go to the ‘Woodruff Arts center’ and for the nature lovers, picnic at the ‘Park in Oakland’. At last, view the world-famous CNN studio. Take a tour of the place that you’ve only seen on television.
Visit Atlanta for a subtle vacation and meeting the Gigantic whale!