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November 29, 2018

New York Vacation Rental – Top 10 Rules For a No Disaster Vacation!

So, you went to New York – One of the most expensive cities in the world! Kudos to you! You have ticked off one pointer on your bucket list.

We believe you might want to visit again, wouldn’t you? Another walk on the Brooklyn Bridge, anyone?
To ensure that the next time you experience a whole new level of the city, we have researched and brought together ten rules, perhaps suggestions for you!

Our first, maybe zeroth suggestion is that you book an extremely spacious and affordable ‘New York Vacation rentals’. Yes! It can be affordable if you look for one. An apartment, a condo, studios, townhouses, a lakefront cottage or a very cosy chalet, look for it if you want to live in it for at least a week or ten days!

Compared to hotels, you will pay much less and have the experience a New Yorker has every day. So, get ready to know the mantra for that exotic New York city vacation rental stay.

Top 10 tips for new york vacation rentals

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1. Search Online For The Best Owner

It’s the Internet world. All the information is available in a click. Hence, Google the best vacation rentals in New York and keep researching until you find one. I know it will take ample time and energy, but it is essential to view your vacation space before you take the plunge.

As soon as you find the perfect New York vacation rental, contact the owner of the rental through Booking Engines, sites and ask for introduction and a few tips. Engage with the host for a substantial amount of time to understand their credibility level and trustworthiness.

Most people save around 200$ per booking if they contact the owner. Butter up the host for a heavy discount. Maybe find a common point and give emphasis on it. Insist on doing something for them. Maybe get a small gift as a gesture when you arrive.

And believe me, mostly people are flexible and adjust according to your requirements.

2. Beware of illegal New York Vacation Rentals

You should be aware that vacation rental laws differ by city, region or even country. Different parts of a country might have a different set of rules to be followed.
Hence, to avoid booking an illegal Vacation rental, spend some of your time researching and reading through the mentioned terms and conditions. I know its boring and lengthy and you just want to get it over with!

But think of the loss if you don’t go through this process. And start beforehand, maybe months before your vacation time so that you have ample time to talk to the host, read through the guidebook and make an informed decision.

3. Which Ones Are Legal?

There is a technique to figure out which are the New York vacation rentals that are legit.
If you find a high- rise building with more than three apartments on each floor, beware! This might be an illegal vacation rental.

Look for shared spaces in well-known neighbourhoods and even single homes built on the streets of the city. These will be legal and trustworthy.

You can also search for privately owned units that are owned by families and given up for vacation rentals. That way you can get to know the family and agree on a fair deal. Most of these homes are newly renovated and will give you the feel of living as a New Yorker!

4. Famous Places For The Best New York Vacation Rental

From Times Square to the Midtown Area, all rentals give you the most exquisite taste of the city. Book any and at a cheaper price than other places in the city.
For a more luxurious vacation rental, visit ‘The Village’ for vacation rentals with pool sides that would call out to you day and night. Even Soho / Tribeca is a good enough place for a decent New York vacation rental.

If you’re travelling with family or a large group of friends, the Upper West side is the best place for you to stay at. If you’re travelling with a bunch of friends or your partner, Downtown Brooklyn would grab your attention with a line of the best bars and pubs in the city.

5. Details to Look Out For

Every vacation rental has a 24-hour checking time. So, you can go, take a tour of the rental and if you do not find it suits your needs or perhaps, happiness, you can call the 24-hour helpline of your vacation rental and ask for a refund or a different rental in the same or a different part of the city.

The owner does not get paid until after 24 hours of your check-in. Hence, beware of rentals that demand hefty deposits before your arrival. They will most probably, be illegal.

6. Trust the good old website reviews

If you’re booking from a famous website, you will find real time reviews of people mentioned along with each vacation rental. Read through the reviews of the rentals that attract you and make up your mind based on other people’s experiences.
Even blogs on New York Vacation rentals might be a big help and they will be fun to read too with a ton of pictures to look at!

7. Things to do in New York

On the top of your list must be riding the ancient red New York Double decker. The bus will take you on a tour of Times Square, Central Park, Broadway Theatre, Madison Square Garden, Rockefeller Centre, and even a few skyscrapers.

You can make a stopover at whichever location you want to visit closely and then again get on the bus. Try taking the public transport, especially the subway, always as it avoids traffic hours. And really, New York is a crowded city, so traffic hours are plenty!

Get a taste of picnicking and people watching at any of the famous parks. Cook your own food at your vacation rental or stop at any of the food trucks for a delicious treat every now and then!
For the best hotdogs, visit Coney Island. Visit the most colourful food truck and relish a saucy treat.
For the best city views, visit any of the skyscrapers, especially the observation deck at the ‘Empire state building’ that offers a panoramic essence of the city!

8. For The Artist/Explorer in You

Try roaming around the city without a map, just take a tour, get a little lost for feeling like a typical ‘New Yorker’. Take the boat ride from Staten Island to Manhattan and loop up to the ‘Statue of Liberty’. Stop! Don’t hurt your neck! It’s pretty huge!

Watch a Broadway show or visit any of the museums around the city, many of which will be close enough to your vacation rental. Learn about the history you are spending a week in.
Mind you! Walk on the Brooklyn Bridge during the dusk hours for seeing the best sky colours while you’re strolling on the bridge.

Don’t forget to get clicked at the Grand Central terminal while you’re on one of your subway trips. It is as majestic as it looks in the google pictures.

9. Best Time to Book a New York Vacation Rental

Spring, when the flowers bloom right in front of your vacation rental or fall, when you need to shed the autumn leaves down from your sweater.
You can visit New York during Christmas and New year but it’s heavily crowded and won’t give you enough space to spread your arms around the city.
An offseason vacation rental will be more affordable and will offer you all the comfort, only with more nature and less tourists.

10. A Few More Things to do in The Big Apple

Make sure you plan your itinerary well in advance so that you are in no rush to just mark all the famous points. One place I forgot to mention is the ‘Wall Street’. Feel the stock market rush right there near the Bull statue. And, of course, get clicked with the statue.

Pizza – Available everywhere in New York, a must have! Also, have breakfast bagels and pretzels for a different taste with the coffee you get on the food trucks. It’s clean and healthy, I assure you!
I hope you experience New York as a New Yorker and come back with the best of pictures and stories.

Let us know if you followed these rules and made your vacation worthwhile in the City where the lady resides!

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