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August 29, 2019

How My Vibes Helped Me in Finding the Best Vacation For Me?

We all have that point in life when we all feel frustrated, I had that feeling to. It’s been a year or two my life just had this simple cycle of waking up in the morning, doing basics stuff, going to the office, coming back home and then sleep, there was nothing extra in between.

Even on Sundays I used to find myself either finishing up my pending work or spending it just sitting at home. There was a major lacking of “adventure” in my life. Of course, I felt the misery of being so unadventurous and so boring. I remember the day when I just realised that I need a serious and a long break from everything, this realisation came just because I was feeling so much caught into work this work pressure and things were just choking me, I barely had time for myself.

This was very disturbing for me I needed someone to guide me and thankfully I had my friend Anjali. The best thing about her is that she never made me feel left out .I still remember the conversation with her and the way she knows me and guides me I think that is the best way anyone could handle me, she actually understood the need of a vacation in my life at this point.

As a person I have always been social and adventurous but from past weeks the only constant feeling I had was feeling bored and stagnant. This was the situation before I planned my trip to Barcelona, Spain with Anjali.  Before planning this vacation I remember the need I felt for it, those vibes for having a vacation with your best friend was so much satisfying and exciting. Now since this vacation was so much important for me that I wanted to plan it perfectly as we all want. The basic thing that we did was

  • Deciding the Place to Go: The major part of planning is to decide where to go. Since we both wanted to relax we decided to visit some beach. You know two girls can never agree to the same thing at once neither did we. We were fighting like an animal to decide the place. Finally we agreed to visit Barcelona. The only reason to agree upon this was we wanted to get back those youngster feeling back and we found Barcelona as the best suited place for us. (I’ll just say that when you are deciding some place it is important that you should know what kind of vacation you want a relaxing one, an adventurous or a romantic one.)Planning: This is one of the best parts and the important one too. While planning I was so excited that I was just focusing on increasing the number of things we could do. I remember me saying to Anji, “I think we should visit all the beaches in Barcelona, we should go to night parties and…(before I could complete, she stopped me saying)

Anji: “no!! we are going to relax and we will keep it very simple, don’t want to rush around there to” I want to enjoy not just rush around”. I realised that she was right maybe that was the reason why some of my previous vacations weren’t successful. We end up with a very simple and achievable plan without hampering our priorities since it was a vacation for one week we decided to keep only 3 things in our priority list, it was like:

  • DAY 1: Staying at the hotel room and just enjoy the local food and keeping ourselves relaxed and recharge ourselves for the next day

     On 14th of September 2017, I remember myself sitting excitingly in front of my laptop booking flight tickets for two and you know this enthusiasm was so much satisfying  I was feeling back to life again. We booked our hotel too and the next thing I remember was the night before the trip. I was having butterflies in my stomach I so excited for the next day.

We were set to go. On 20th of September 2017 as I sat in the flight the only word came out of my mouth was “finally we are on a vacation.” After a journey of 15 hours from Kolkata, we reached Barcelona. All the tiredness on the journey was over as soon as we stepped on the Barcelona international airport. Have you ever seen a child full of energy and enthusiasm, we were having that kind of energy balls inside ourselves. Now it turned to book a taxi and we were nervous!! Guess what my friend just said to me

Anji: “should we speak in English?”

(I was staring at her face like thinking really you are asking me this question)

Me: “really!! Do you know how to speak Spanish? No, I guess we must speak in Hindi they will understand it better.”

(We obviously laughed)

Ok, now this was a serious issue for us, but later I realised it was not so difficult. You just have to tell the driver you destination he/she will greet you with a smile and will take you to your destination without any problem. Even when we entered our hotel, they greeted us with a very pleasing smile; people there seriously know hospitality they will make everything so perfect for you. As we were checking in the receptionist just asked

Receptionist: good evening madam! Are you two couples?

Me: no we are just friends.

(This was so awkward for us but I don’t blame her we only had the budget to book a single room for two of us, now you understand why that question was popped out)

Receptionist: oh!

Then she handed over the room key and we were inside our room shouting and feeling the best of ourselves. We spent the night inside the hotel only.

Day 2: Visiting Nova Icaria Beach

You can say this was our D-day, since the beach was our priority we had booked the hotel near to it. We had our breakfast and just went out if the hotel to reach the beach. As you step in the beach you get that happy vibes in you, so did we. You will find young adult and teens playing volleyball, parents chasing there giggling children along the shore and so much more. First we just relaxed under the sun.

Then there was a group of some young adult may be of the age 22-25, they were coming towards us, now you can’t imagine how fast our heartbeats were, we were assuming so much inside our heads but then they turned out to be very polite and gentle to ask us to play with them.

Now I must admit that I was so much impressed with the people out there they are so friendly. Later we came to know that they are even staying at the same hotel and for the rest of the day we hanged out with them. We all went shopping and then we even had dinner together. It was a day well spent and remembered.

Day 3: La Sagrada Familia temple and the magic fountain show of Montjuic music and light show.

Today in the morning after a long time I had this feeling of being relaxed and calm. Things were so nice and perfect around me. Although we two came for this vacation but now it’s a group of 5 people including the two young men (Alex and David) and a lady (Kristine) we met yesterday. Last night we told them about our plan for today and they even wanted to join us.

So today we had breakfast together and then we headed towards the La Sagrada Familia temple. As soon as we reached the temple our mouths were open in amazement. It’s a roman catholic church and an ongoing piece of art. Every step I had taken in there I just can’t help myself feeling amazed, I remember we all were so silent and our mouth were open and the only word out of our mouth was “wow” during the whole visit inside of the temple.

It was so magnificent and beautiful I just can’t describe it in words, only those who have visited can understand as we all came out from there we looked at each other and smiled then we had our lunch in a restaurant, this time we both were confident to order not because we were not nervous just because we had 3 other people with us who can speak Spanish and English both, just feel the happiness!!

Now since we even wanted to go for the Magic Fountain Show we had our lunch at Cafe Parc Belmont and just relaxed there. From La Sagrada Familia, Montjuic is 30 minutes away. Since it was an evening show we decided to reach there by 4 pm and just spend our time to explore the beauty of the Montjuic castle. Then we went for the magic fountain show which was as actually magical and then we were back to our hotel.

Now the next two days we spend in our hotel enjoying all their services evening was spend by us going for shopping or having a bonfire, talking limitlessly under the open sky with those breezes from the ocean. Although we just toured only 1/4th of Barcelona what this will be the most remembered one. We made new friends we enjoyed and most importantly we got those youngster vibes back. I found this trip to be the most successful one just cause of the following reasons:

  1. Deciding what kind of trip you want
  2. Purpose of your trip
  3. Plan according to the time and budget
  4. Keep time to rest and relax
  5. Do not focus on finishing up everything in one trip.

Trust me these simple things will make your trip one of the memorable one as it did mine. I will love to visit the place again and explore the untouched treasure. Whenever you feel that you are missing out the adventure of your life you want to get out of this daily routine of yours. Don’t hesitate to plan a trip for yourself.

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