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April 8, 2019

5 Tips to Choosing a Vacation Rental Property

For people who are planning to travel or are travelling around now, they should definitely know about vacation rentals. Vacation rentals can be termed as temporary lodging for tourists, these are not just used by families but single tourists or travellers are using these properties for a more affordable vacation.

Now I have been travelling  for 5 years ( almost a nomad) changing places from time to time and whenever someone asks me about where they should stay or which place they should book I always suggest them renting properties and give them tips for choosing a vacation rental, even if you are not travelling with your family it’s better than any hotel or resort where you spend a lot of money just for a week stay.

Before moving to the tips for choosing a vacation rental, let’s see why vacation rental property is better.

Why Vacation Rentals Over Hotels?

If you think vacation rentals are costly then you are completely wrong about it, in fact, it’s one of the most affordable ways to enjoy your vacations,

a) For people like me, who like having their own space nothing is better than vacation rental property, the elevator, crowded pools and HVAC noise in hotels, of course, everyone is aware of it and especially the maids coming and going it can be so irritating sometimes.

b) The space given by vacation rental is more than 1300 square feet in which you can stretch out and enjoy unlike the 325 square feet rooms of hotels.

c) The most amazing thing about vacation rentals is that you will deal directly with the homeowner so there are no extra charges, like in hotels they usually charge for other things like bottled water, internet, pools etc.

d)  if you are travelling with your family then sometimes you might not find hotels geared for families or group of friends, like sometimes you have to book two rooms to accommodate everyone and plus the expense of eating out, most of your budget blows out before you even get started.

e) It’s like staying at home, you can usually find all the things in these rental homes that you have in your own house and the comfort that a hotel can never provide you.

But usually people face a lot of problems when it comes to renting these properties, it can ruin your whole travelling experience in a second if you don’t get what you expected, well here are 5 tips to choosing a vacation rental property.

 TIP 1: Property Type

First and foremost thing is to know what you exactly want in your rented property like a swimming pool or maybe a large kitchen.

Rental TypeBasically it’s like setting your priorities, the basics things you are looking for in your property,  then start researching about different places according to those priorities filter and shortlist your options to make a proper list so that you can easily make out which property is suitable for you, do not assume that the description that is given is correct always no one will write bad things about their own place right?

It’s better to know opinions from people who either visited there or know about that place, look for the distance from facilities, attractions and the beaches so that you don’t have to spend a lot of your hard earned money on transportation.

TIP 2: Review

For a rental property read every review very carefully, usually check for common things like cleanliness decor and more. If certain complaints are repetitive or are constant then don’t ignore it, notice and reconsider it.

You can, in fact, take help of Google Earth to look at your rental property, sometimes you might find lively pubs downstairs that can spoil your vacation mood completely so it’s better to always check everything before booking it.

And don’t forget to check the photographs which are posted by the reviewers as the property owner’s usually posting really mesmerising and beautiful pictures to attract more customers but in reality the place looks totally different from the official sites photograph and let me tell you never rely on the advertised photographs I have been cheated on several times and I had no other option but to stay in that place as I already paid for it.

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TIP 3: Internet

Whenever I travel I usually look for the Internet and a strong and consistent broadband connection and if you depend on the internet like me,

you should call the owners and let them know that it’s a potential deal-breaker, nowadays internet is as important as food and money for travellers especially they need connection because most of them earn money through online work.

TIP 4: User Experience

There is a way to know that the booking site you are using is professional or not, if the site is easy and quick to navigate then it gives you the confidence that the site is professional if it is more complicated and includes a lot of hurdles then you can definitely doubt the quality of the offering. Always ask questions and clear your doubts, the answers will always indicate that the property is well managed or not.

TIP 5: Additional Fees

Not least of all check into cleaning fees, in and out time you should know what they are providing like paper toilets or towels and if you are not sure to feel free to inquire, it’s always best to enquire than to regret wasting your money and a bad vacation, you should know  what deposits need to made in advance? Well, usually you have to leave 50% upfront. Don’t be afraid to negotiate even if it’s the last minute booking.

While searching for the rental property you can look for online listings or take help of a realtor who can give you an idea of the local area.

Now some things other than the 5 tips that you should keep in mind while you are looking for a vacation rental property.

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  • Some vacation rentals can sometimes be a bit out of the way from the main attractions and located in a more rural area, so always calculate the distance between your rented property and the destinations you want to visit.
  • I always look for a beautiful and clean kitchen because it’s one of the best ways to save money as well as eat healthy food and enjoying your wine with your meal without breaking the budget.
  • Always try to review the owners, you should know who you are renting from this is something more important than looking at your guest reviews, make sure they are collecting taxes and doing things the way they should be done ( I mean the right way).
  • Look for amenities like a coffee maker, utensils are available or not plus if you need a microwave are they providing you with that or they are charging extra money.
  • Laundry is one of the most important things especially when you are travelling with your family and staying for a longer period of time.

To search for a perfect vacation rental a lot of things should be kept in mind, always decide priorities before choosing a property to rent.


A lot of sources are there which can help you book a vacation rental (along with your family) like Airbnb, VRBO, Flipkey & ParadiseTerra.

And you can find many local rentals available as well that you can book directly by visiting your destination or online as well.

If you are planning to travel on a budget then nothing is better than a rental property, if you have  friends in places you are planning to visit then it’s always better to take help from them specially if they are permanent residents of those places because, in some places of the world you might not find a lot of facilities in terms of internet so it might be hard to travel there, it’s better to expand your friend circle as you travel to different places, later it might help you out in many ways.


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